Weekly Greens – Sept 3rd

Image by Joel Bedford

It’s been an interesting week…from the oil rig explosion in the Gulf to the mid-week events at the Discovery Channel (thankfully in both cases the workers were okay) and more. Now while I won’t be able to cover or recap everything that happened during the past week, I hope you enjoy my latest ‘Weekly Greens’. Here you go:

1. Electric Buses for East LA: Foothill Transit is going to be getting three zero-emission, quick charge battery-electric buses. Awesome, right?! While many of their current fleet runs on CNG, I hope these new EcoRide buses do well. Maybe Los Angeles will jump on board with more electric buses.

Image via Care2 from Proterra

2. Is Your City “Plug-Worthy”?: Since I brought up electric vehicles, here’s a question for you…is your city plug-worthy? If it is, auto manufacturers might consider rolling out their new line of EVs in your city this fall. Find out what they are looking for in a plug-worthy city.

Image by Jason Tester

3. Batteries for Battery Powered Cars Are More Environmentally Friendly Than Expected: This is good news for people who own or are thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle. Of course, one of the main factors to consider in this is the power source of the battery. What source do you use to “re-fuel” your electric vehicle?

4. Garbage-to-biofuel plant launched in Edmonton: By next year, we should be seeing garbage biofuels. So, if you didn’t want to switch to an EV, I guess you could always opt for the garbage biofuel. Apparently the movie Back to the Future wasn’t that far off.

5. Going Deep With NYC’s Second Avenue Subway Project: Although it’s estimated to take another six years to complete, NYC’s Second Avenue subway project is supposed to connect Harlem to the Lower East side. This will allow hundreds of thousands of commuters to take advantage of NYC’s subway system.

Image by SpecialKRB

6. Selling Sustainability to Whiskey Drinkers: Of all the products you think of when you think of “green” products, Jack Daniels probably isn’t on the top of your list. Well, with all the sustainable steps they are taking, apparently it should be.

7. Human Urine Shown to be Effective Fertilizer: A good friend of mine shared this post about a urine to fertilizer DIY kit, which I just had to share. It’s been known and talked about for awhile that urine can be an effective fertilizer. So, would you try out the urine to fertilizer DIY kit for your vegetables?

Of course you could always choose this method, but it probably wouldn’t be my first choice:

Well, that about wraps up this week’s ‘Weekly Greens’. I hope you were able to get caught up on a little of this week’s green and environmental news. One last thing I wanted mention…when you are out there shopping for green products, please be aware of What “Green” Companies Are Still Testing Products on Animals and try to steer away from those products.

Have a wonderful, safe and green weekend and please don’t forget to send me anything you think would be worth sharing in my ‘Weekly Greens’.


  • David

    Thanks so much for the mention, I truly appreciate it!

  • solargroupies

    I actually had an exchange student tell me in strict confidence that urine was considered a medicinal drink commonly used in her country to treat a variety of maladies. That being said I probably won’t be trying it anytime soon, nor will I be storing gallon jugs of urine in my fridge next to my OJ!

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