Weekly Greens – August 27th

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This week went by fairly quickly, even with the triple digit temperatures that we had here in Southern California. Luckily I was able to get a short mid-week break from the heat when we took our kids to a beautiful green park by the coast. Amazingly enough there was a 40+ degree difference in temperature.

Hopefully you enjoyed your week too! Now before you head out for the weekend, here are a few green stories I wanted to share with you in my ‘Weekly Greens’. As usual, there were many interesting, informative posts this week so this is just a small sampling of those:

1 – Please Leave Your Pets at Home in Hot Weather: Since it’s been so hot recently, I figured this would be a good post to share. Pets should not be left in the car under any circumstances. It gets way too hot. If you feel the need to take your pet with you, then really bring them with you, don’t leave them in the car.

Image by Rhea C.

2 – 10 Just-in-Case Items That Should Be Stowed In Every Vehicle: There is no “good time” to break down when you are driving. However, if you are prepared in case of an emergency, it could make a bad situation a little bit better. Do you have these items in your emergency kit?

3 – Best and Worst US Cities for Water Quality: Using and tossing away plastic water bottles is not the way to go. However, if you are going to invest in a good reusable water bottle, you might want to be knowledgeable on the quality of your city’s water first. (Of course, you can always use a filter either way.)

Image by Tambako

4 – U.K. Office Workers ‘Addicted’ to Paper: I think this can be said of most offices, whether you are in the U.K. or not. People have become so used to “proofreading” their documents by printing them first, re-printing, making copies for their co-workers or their big presentation, etc. Most of that paper ends up wasted.

5 – 22 Uses for Lemon Peels: By now, I’m sure you know I’m not fond of chemical cleaners. So this type of article is great for me. Besides, a fresh citrus scent in your home instead of a toxic chemical one, makes for a much nicer cleaning experience.

Image by the trial

6 – New Solar System Discovered: This was a pretty cool. Apparently this new solar system has at least five planets in it and the lineup of the planets is similar to our own solar system.

7 – Eco-living Tips: Reuse Your Plastic Bags: You’d think this one would be a no-brainer, but often it’s not. If you already have plastic bags around, use them, re-use them and use them again. Make the most out of what you have. Pretty simple, actually.

Last, but definitely not least, when you are planning your Labor Day festivities or End of the Summer parties, make you sure factor in these green Summer party saving tips. There you have it….have a wonderful weekend and stay green!


  • nan

    great wrap-up, and thanks for the add! 🙂

  • rmassingham

    More great stuff T. Still can’t get over how many incidents there have been this year involving kids and pets left in cars in extreme heat? When are people going to wise up? Sad.

    Thanks for the inclusion! Always apprecited greatly! Big hugs!

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