Weekly Greens – Sept 17th

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Greens! Sorry I missed everyone last week, been a busy past few weeks, but thankfully it’s going along well. There are so many interesting and intriguing articles to choose from, these are just a few that caught my eye this week. I hope you enjoy reading them as well:

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1) Stop Pretending to be Rich!: This is a great one, especially in today’s world. So many people try to live beyond their means or try to appear they are better off, when there is really no reason to do so.

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Just live YOUR life. Be proud of your life…it is yours! Besides, think of all the fun things you can do without having to spend lots of money. Trust me, we do it all the time.

2) Empire State Building Gets Energy Retrofit: Saves Tons of CO2: It is estimated they will be able to save 105,00o tons of CO2 in the next 15 years. Additionally, payback on the investment required to do the retrofit is projected to be paid back in about 3 years.

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3) Constellation Wines to Install Solar at Four Wineries in California: Being from California, I always love hearing about new solar and/or wind technology being put to use in California. Once installed the solar panels will be able to generate close to 100% of the wineries electricity needs.

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It seems like a very solar week this week. Here are a few other great solar stories that caught my eye: Third Installation for Denver Airport, The 8 Most Exciting Solar Projects in the U.S., Calif. solar plant, to be world’s largest, wins key approval, Santa Monica to Install Solar Power Systems at Nine Elementary Schools and of course this one, Obama Administration Refuses Carter White House Solar Panel.

4) How Do You Know Which Foods Are Genetically Modified?: Good question, isn’t it? Luckily not only is there an app for that, but today there are a few thousand grocery products that proudly carry the “Non-GMO” seal.

5) The Navy Calls for More Algae Fuel: The Navy has a goal of getting at least 50% of its fuel from renewable sources by the year 2020. Since they just ordered another 150,000 gallons of algae fuel, it looks like they are on their way.

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6) Why our children need to get outside and engage with nature: As a mother of two, this one particularly hits home. I know when I was growing up, some of my fondest memories were of playing outside and interacting with nature. I want my kids to feel the same way. If given the chance kids love to explore, they love to learn and they love nature. Give them the chance.

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So, that wraps up these Weekly Greens. I hope you enjoyed and were able to learn something new. Please don’t forget to share your blogs, posts, ideas and links for things you think should be part of the ‘Weekly Greens” (you can even include them as a comment here). I hope each of you has a wonderful weekend and remember to enjoy some time outdoors!

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  • Stephanie

    Good stuff, as always Tara (especially the solar wine article… ;-0)

    I love the stop pretending to be rich article and getting your kids outside too!

    I noticed the press on no solar panels on the White House too – apparently its a security issue, but still kind of scratching my head on that one.

    Have a great weekend!

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