sustainable transportation

Moving Forward with Sustainable Transportation

When you think of sustainable transportation, what comes to mind? As the world around us adapts to eco-friendly societal needs, our definition of transportation is dynamic and ever-changing.  We used to be centered on single occupancy vehicles and traffic jams. Now, we are beginning the shift toward public transit, ridesharing, and sustainable modes of transportation. […]

6 Ways to Reduce Your Driving Emissions

Vehicle emissions are one of the primary contributors to the slew of harmful greenhouse gases responsible for bringing about our current state of climate change. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, whenever a vehicle burns one gallon of gasoline, about 20 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) are produced. A little more than 22 pounds of […]

Weekly Greens – Sept 3rd

Image by Joel Bedford It’s been an interesting week…from the oil rig explosion in the Gulf to the mid-week events at the Discovery Channel (thankfully in both cases the workers were okay) and more. Now while I won’t be able to cover or recap everything that happened during the past week, I hope you enjoy […]