Howling mouse

The Grasshopper mouse, also known as the ‘werewolf’ mouse, howls before it kills. As a carnivorous rodent it tends to hunt prey larger than itself and has evolved to convert lethal scorpion venom into a painkiller.

Let’s talk

Turns out your new boss is a leopard and you’ve just been called into her office for a quick chat.

eco-friendly initiatives

Building a Better Community With Eco-Friendly Initiatives

As a member of the community you have a lot of influence. People listen to you, and, in many cases, your advice can help them, or the town, in general. One of the talking points you should add to your agenda is how to integrate new, eco-friendly initiatives.  By discussing how volunteering, building eco-friendly houses […]

Fox hole

A red fox mouses for prey under the snow in this funny picture by Cameron Sullivan Photography.

Tiger tongue

A tiger’s tongue is covered with numerous small, sharp, rear-facing projections called papillae which are designed to help strip feathers, fur and meat from prey. Captured at Symbol Wildlife Park in NSW by Toby Zerna.

Gumdrop bin

Making New From Old: 10 Unique Products Using Repurposed or Recycled Materials

The best way to make a difference in your life is to change some of your habits to benefit you and the Earth. Repurposing items, or using recycled materials, is the easiest way to make your house more eco-friendly and stop excessive spending. As long as you’re smart with your spending, you can contribute your […]

Rainbow mountain

Captured by photographer Emmett Sparling, Rainbow Mountain’s unique mineralogy created a marbling effect over time, with layered hues of beautiful colors near Cusco in Peru.

build a sustainable wardrobe

Made to Last: How to Build a Sustainable Wardrobe

Fast fashion is a serious topic right now, with the US alone wasting a staggering 17 million tons of textiles every year according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). One of the ways we can work on reducing such waste is by creating a more sustainable wardrobe, lowering our consumption of clothing and minimizing the […]

Eyes down here

Pseudocreobotra wahlbergi, or spiny flower mantis, is a small Flower Mantis that measures around 1.5 inches and is native to southern and eastern Africa.

healthy environment for your pet

How to Create and Maintain a Healthy Environment for Your Pet

Having a pet is a great responsibility and requires commitment, care and dedication. Establishing a healthy and safe environment for your pet is an important part of that commitment. Creating a world for your pet that is comfortable and secure, as well as promotes a good lifestyle and well-being can be achieved by following some […]