Stud Puffin

An incredibly beautiful profile picture of an Atlantic puffin.


Closeup of an exotic and rare Red-tailed Black Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus banksii) photographed by Rafael Ben Ari in the Australian rainforest.

Ice and Fire

An aerial photo above a crowd gathered on ice to witness a volcanic eruption in Iceland shows our Earth’s beautiful contrast of ice and fire.

Rauðfoss waterfall

Rauðfoss waterfall, or Red waterfall in Iceland, got its name from the berg behind the waterfall that is a reddish orange. Rauðfoss is an Icelandic word that uses the ‘Eth’ letter from Old English.

The Bubbles

When visiting Jordan Pond in the Acadia National Park in Maine, you will spot two prominent hills on the horizon known as The Bubbles.

Forbidden Jello

These bright orange crystals might look like rock candy, but they are called windowpane Wulfenite crystals as they emerge from Barite in Rowley Mine, Arizona.

Hi, Mom

A Sandhill Crane mother sits patiently as her baby, which is called a “colt,” roosts on her head. Colts learn to fly after about two months and stay with their parents for nearly a year. This photograph was the Amateur Award Winner in the 2021 Audubon Photography Awards by Robin Ulery.

Golden hour

Our sun’s position in the sky can dramatically change the color palette of our planet in the best possible way.

Tree of life

An aerial photo of Lake Cakora in New South Wales, Australia by photographer Derry Moroney that strongly resembles a tree. The water is soaked by tea tree oils, which gives it the vibrant brown color.

Sakura tree

This sprawling Edo higan zakura cherry blossom tree is 330 years old and has been designated a Natural Monument by the city of Nirasaki, Japan.