Tips for Biofriendly Holiday Travel

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Many people are looking forward to traveling home for the holidays or maybe even planning a little holiday get-away. Either way, biofriendly holiday travel and eco-friendly travel destinations are the way to go. Here are a couple of green, eco- and biofriendly holiday places along with tips to help to save time, money and heartache.

First of all, for those of you looking for an eco-destination or a green way to get to where you are going, check out what The Telegraph has to offer. They have some very smart ideas and advice.

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If you’d rather find something a little closer to home, maybe one of these 3 Unexpected Eco Holiday Destinations might interest you. There’s no reason to travel to the ends of the earth in order to have a biofriendly holiday. One of the first places you should look for green holiday destinations is a little closer to home. Besides, the less emissions spent on getting there, the better.

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Now of course, there are eco-destinations that might be worth your time and travel this holiday season. Take the Sonaisali Island Resort in Fiji for example. While some people love the idea of having a white Christmas or can’t imagine a holiday season without cold weather and snow, others would rather be basking in the sun. Fiji is warm year-round, so time to get packing.

It is predicted that sustainability will be a tried and true part of all holiday travel by the year 2030. But why wait? There are many ways to make your holiday travels more biofriendly starting now.

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Here are a few tips to get you on your way:

a) Learn to travel light: Traveling light is a must when traveling these days. Nobody really needs 4 suitcases for a 3-day vacation. In most cases, one bag is all you’ll need. Trust me, it will makes your holiday better all the way around.

b) Stay with friends/family: If you are planning to visit family or friends over the holiday, the greenest place to stay is with them. I know it’s not always your first choice, but it is a biofriendly one. If you can’t stay with friends or family, then try to find a green hotel.

c) Limit your souvenirs: People always love to get souvenirs when they travel, but keep in mind photos can be a great souvenir. They don’t cost as much and are much easier to transport as well. Take some pictures while you are gone, then when you return, share them with friends and family.

d) If you don’t have to travel, don’t: Being at home for the holidays can be a pretty special time. If you don’t have to go anywhere, then plan some nice “unplugged” time at home. Relax, enjoy yourself and your family. If you’ve got a travel bug, plan a quick day trip close to home.

Extra tip: For those of you destined to travel, some greener options might include taking the train or renting an electric or hybrid vehicle. There are green and biofriendly options everywhere you look these days. You simply have to look.


  • Stephanie

    Yes, I would LOVE to go back to Fiji for Christmas! There are several inches of snow outside my window today!

    Merry Christmas and safe travels!

  • Sustainable PF

    We’re looking at taking a cruise as a “guilty pleasure” in March. We want to escape the Canadian winter. Mrs. SPF has been researching the cruise lines to find the “greenest” of the bunch. We recognize that going to a remote hut with 8 beds is more “eco friendly” but we’re trying our best to balance things!

  • Green Blog

    What a great guide, my wife and I struggle with traveling light, we normally have to pay excess baggage fees and we really need to take a long hard look at what we really need to pack for our travels!
    We like the idea of limiting souvenirs as well, most people just throw away souvenirs and its such a waste.
    Great article 😉

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