5 Tips For a Biofriendly and Happy Holiday

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Well, the Thanksgiving weekday is almost upon us. I can’t believe how the holidays have raced in so quickly. It’s been a busy year, but there are many wonderful people and things to be thankful for. Therefore to thank you for all you do, I thought I’d share a few tips to help you have a biofriendly and happy holiday weekend!

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1. Top 4 Resources for Creating a Local Holiday Feast: If you are looking to lower your environmental impact and support your local growers, taking advantages of these resources would be a smart idea. You’ll also probably find some very fresh additions to your holiday meals.

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2. 9 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes: If you’re looking to spare a turkey (or forgo meat all together this holiday weekend), you might want to check out these great recipes. From Cream of Pumpkin soup to Sweet Potato Fries and more, these dishes would be a tasty part of any meal.

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3. 7 Ways to Burn Calories on Thanksgiving Day: Okay, before you even start on those holiday meals, take a look at these simple ways to burn calories on Thanksgiving Day. You’ll be glad you did.

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4. 10 Ways to Go Green on Black Friday: I’ll be honest, I am NOT going shopping on Black Friday. I love a good deal, I just don’t want to deal with all the traffic, crowds, etc. But for those of you who are going to brave the crowds, you might want to check out these ways to go green and save green.

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5. 20 Selfless Things to do This Holiday Season: The holidays are a time for giving, so this Thanksgiving weekend and throughout the holidays, take some time and do a few selfless acts of kindness. Even the “little” things can have a big impact on a person’s (or animal’s) life.

Okay, well technically that’s more like 50 tips, but who’s counting, right? There should be something in there for everyone to help each of you have a greener and more biofriendly holiday weekend; meals, shopping, visiting family and all.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, take a few minutes before the holiday weekend and read about the 350 Earth Project launched in preparation for the upcoming United Nations Climate Summit in Cancun, Mexico. The project consists of about 20 nature-based art projects that are large enough to be seen from space.

Here’s the “Solar Eagle” one that was done in Los Angeles, CA.

Image by 350.org

I hope you find these tips and this information useful in your efforts to have a biofriendly and happy holiday weekend. Since I’ll be spending time with family over the holiday weekend, I will catch you next week. Wishing each of you a safe and happy holiday!

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  • Stephanie

    Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend! Great tips, as always! Especially with respect to “black Friday” (who started that awful tradition anyway??)

    Have a great holiday weekend!

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