Do’s and Don’ts of Biofriendly New Year’s Resolutions

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If you are planning on making some biofriendly or green New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of the year, you’d best be smart about it. There are times when people try to make environmentally-friendly changes but end up harming the environment instead. Now while we don’t want you in a panic about what you should or shouldn’t do, we would like to offer up a few do’s and don’ts to help make your New Year’s Resolutions a little more biofriendly.

a) Do recycle paper, plastic, bottles, cans, etc. Don’t start drinking more bottled water and soda so that you can recycle more plastic containers and aluminum cans.

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b) Do cut down on water usage. Don’t forgo showers, watering plants, washing clothes and doing dishes in order to do it. All you have to do is pay attention when using water and only use what you need to do the job at hand.

c) Do use more natural cleaning products. Don’t throw away all your old cleaning supplies in order to run out and buy the latest and greatest green “magic” cleaner. Try using products like baking soda, lemon, vinegar, etc to clean. Your house will smell nicer and won’t be filled with chemical smells.

d) Do donate items you no longer have a use for. Don’t get rid of items just so you can go buy new ones. Take a look around your house and donate, sell or give away items you haven’t used in the last few months. How much could you really NEED it, if you don’t use it?

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e) Do figure out a regular exercise routine. Don’t spend your entire “exercise time” indoors. Get out, get some sun, get some fresh air, take a walk outside. Enjoy nature and the world around you. Besides, if you regularly experience the beauty of nature it will probably help you in your quest to protect it.

f) Do cut down on harmful emissions. Don’t get rid of a perfectly good car in order to buy a new one. Ride your bike, take public transportation, car-pool, etc. If you’re in the market for a new car, check out a hybrid or electric vehicle as a smart option.

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g) Do grow your own vegetables and herbs. Don’t turn your entire front and back yards into fruit and vegetable gardens (at least not without proper city approvals). One of the best ways to ensure you are eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables is to grow them yourself. Even apartment dwellers can grow their own food.

h) Do practice energy conservation at home. Don’t turn off all the lights and electricity in order to save money and power. Turn off all electronics at the end of the night. Unplug all appliances when not in use. Use sunlight to light your home during the day.

Of course there are always bound to be do’s and don’ts, but please remember to keep this in mind: “going green” and making your life more biofriendly isn’t simply a couple of eco-actions here and there, it’s more of a lifestyle change. It’s a way of thinking, a way of acting and a way of treating the environment around you. What is your big biofriendly New Year’s Resolution?

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