Reusable, Recyclable or…Edible?

With so many one-use items on the market today, it is a wonder that landfills are not overflowing beyond their borders. The question is, what can we do about it? Buying reusable materials is a viable option. Recycling those materials we have already used is also a good way to live a more sustainable life. Even taking materials we have used and finding other ways to use them again is better than adding more waste to local landfills. There is another option though…just eat them.

Here are a few edible options to try in place of those disposable items you have been using:

Loliware Edible Cups

Edible cups: The great thing about these particular cups is not only is it edible, it is also “biodegr(edible)”. You have the choice of consuming the cup when you are done with your drink or simply allowing it to biodegrade naturally during the composting process. Either way, the cup will not stay around in its existing form to pollute the environment. These glasses and cups are perfect for picnics, outdoor parties and other adventures where you want to minimize your environmental footprint.

If you’d rather make your own, there are also instructional videos you can find on to help you make edible sugar glasses. They are not quite the same as the Loliware, but I’m sure they’ll do in a pinch.

Munch bowls edible lunchwareMunch bowls: Rather than buying Styrofoam, plastic or paper dinnerware, how about opting for a munch bowl? Munch bowls are edible bowls that contain no animal products. They come in a few different flavors and you can choose a variety of colors. These bowls are a fun way to eat your food and leave nothing when you are done. With an 8-month self life when properly stored, you can buy a bunch of munch bowls ahead of time or make a one time purchase to wow your party guests.

Cucumber cupsEdible Cucumber Cups: If you are looking for cups to use for appetizers, these edible cucumber cups are a refreshing idea. You can carve them out on your own and add whatever ingredients you want. Try a little roasted red pepper hummus, ceviche, deviled eggs or maybe your own little Mediterranean twist. Fruit bowls can also be made from watermelon rinds, honeydew, orange peels, etc.

Edible cucumber cups image by Didricks via Flickr Creative Commons license.

DIY bake your own edible plates: Those who are interested in having larger edible plates, platters and dinnerware may want to check out these DIY bake your own plates. You can make any different shape or size to fit your particular needs. Perfect for a picnic, backyard BBQ or a fancy get-together with family and friends.

Edible lunchboxes

Bake your lunchbox and eat it too: Want to take it one step further? Then how about trying this idea for the edible lunchbox? These lunchboxes are designed to keep your food warm or cold until you are ready to eat. Then simply break off a section of the lid and you’ve got yourself a small plate or dipping utensil you can use to help dish out your food.

Edible utensils: Now, what’s an edible dish without an edible spoon? The Foodie Spoon is a creative way to spice up your dinner party and get your guests talking. These spoons come in all kinds of flavors including pretzel, blue corn, whole wheat, chili pepper and lime, chocolate and more. There is a flavor for almost any occasion.

Dessert lovers or those with a definite sweet tooth may want to opt for one of these edible dessert cups. You can add ice cream, some fresh fruit or whatever your heart desires.

When it comes to meal preparation, think outside the norm. Be creative. Go beyond recycling and reuse. Go for edible!

Bread bowl veggie platter image by Courtney Mault via Flickr Creative Commons license.

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