Restoring Earth: 21 Individual Acts of Green for Earth Day

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Earth Day 2021 has arrived and this year’s event, like last year’s, is being held digitally around the world. The theme is “Restore Our Earth” and, to really emphasize the importance of restoring earth, the 2021 Earth Day event is actually going to be a 3-day event beginning on April 20th and ending on April 22nd.

In honor of this year’s Earth Day, we wanted to share 21 individual acts of green you and your loved ones can do to help move us closer to restoring earth. Of course, these acts can be continued throughout the year (and should be). There is nothing stopping us from making forward progress all year long. It will behoove you to keep these simple Earth Day Do’s and Don’ts in mind too.

Acts of Green for Earth Day 2021

  1. Opt for a reusable water bottle rather than a plastic or disposable one.
  2. Ditch single- or one-use plastics in favor of eco-friendly, reusable items.
  3. Make a plant-based meal, then follow up by taking additional steps to shrink your foodprint.
  4. Speak up for the Earth on social media.
  5. Plant a garden where you can grow your own organic fruits, vegetables and herbs.
  6. Plant a tree on your property or in your local environment.
  7. Donate to help The Canopy Project with its reforestation efforts.
  8. Turn off your water while washing your face or brushing your teeth.
  9. Install a low-flow aerator in your faucets and showers.
  10. Turn off lights in rooms no longer in use.
  11. Unplug electronics and appliances not in use.
  12. Use public transportation or walk instead of drive.
  13. Get outdoors and reconnect with nature.
  14. Help minimize food waste by doing meal planning ahead of time and reusing leftovers.
  15. Set up compost and recycling bins at home (and work).
  16. Volunteer your time or do random acts of kindness as often as you can.
  17. Pledge to vote, and vote, for the Earth.
  18. Get involved in a local park or beach cleanup, or do your own cleanup the next time you’re out for a walk.
  19. Harvest rainwater to water your garden and yard.
  20. Figure out ways to repurpose or reuse items rather than throwing them away.
  21. Get yourself further educated on the importance of Earth Day and what other actions you can take to “Restore Our Earth” by attending the Earth Day Live 2021 event on April 22nd at 12pm Eastern Standard Time.

Earth Day is Every Day

Since Earth is the only planet we have right now, it’s important we take care of it. It’s important we do what we can to minimize human-induced climate change and preserve the natural resources our planet possesses. While a few, small actions may not seem to make a big difference, a lot of people doing these actions day-in and day-out, along with many others, will have an impact.

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