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Top 5 Jobs and Career Paths for People Who Want to Save the Planet

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You might think you are not able to make any significant impact or save the planet in your lifetime, but in reality, your contribution is the only thing that truly matters. Each and every one of us has a responsibility to care for the only home we have, but also for our fellow human beings. While it might seem you can’t do more than recycle or tend to some sustainable gardening, your impact can be more far-reaching if you set the bar high enough.

If you want to make preservation, conservation, and health your lifelong goal, there are many career choices at your disposal. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some career paths and jobs best suited for those of you who want nothing more than to save the planet and contribute in a big way. Here’s what you can do.

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Get In The Renewables Industry

The first and most, obvious career path is to choose a job in renewable energy. Renewable energy is huge and the industry is expected to grow to 1.5 trillion US dollars by 2025, so as you can see, there is plenty to be gained in this sector. Even though financial gain should not be your primary driver, it’s good to know your hard work can be rewarded. That said, this doesn’t mean success is a guarantee. 

Big investors and startups can expect to see significant financial returns. Their companies can have the potential to make a big impact in local, national, and perhaps international, markets. However, it’s also important to note jobs are opening up across the sector, and you don’t have to be an investor or an entrepreneur to make a difference or do good for the planet.

Becoming a solar photovoltaic installer, getting into smart and efficient lighting and appliances, managing smart micro grids, learning wind turbine maintenance, solar power energy storage, and more – there are many ways you can contribute and build a successful career.

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Become a Dietitian

The world needs more people who choose to uphold a healthy diet on a daily basis. If you are someone who knows just how important it is to stick to an eco-friendly diet, and want to spread this knowledge and lifestyle to others, then you should consider becoming a dietitian. A modern dietitian doesn’t just teach people how to eat healthy for their own personal gain, but to eat in a way to help them, the environment, the micro-economies, and the world in general.

You can be a dietitian with a broader purpose and a bigger vision than any other, which is a great way to stand out in this competitive field. Your focus can be on instilling healthy habits in modern families, and teaching healthy eating to busy people or those who just want to make a difference but have no idea how to make the first step.

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Get Certified to Save Lives

Speaking of helping others in their pursuit of health, one of the best career paths you can take is to become a part of the medical industry. Now, you don’t need to spend years in college in an attempt to become a surgeon or a doctor of internal medicine, but you can get an online certification to become an important member of the sector. EMTs, nurses, technicians, and other support personnel are in extremely high demand right now.

Currently one of the top certifications is the advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certification you can get online to become trained in emergency assistance and treatment of patients suffering from cardio-pulmonary conditions. Having this certification puts you at the top of the list of required staff at major hospitals as well as private clinics, especially now as the pandemic puts more and more people at risk of severe cardio-pulmonary reactions. Although you may not necessarily consider this a career path geared towards helping the planet, you never know whose life you may save. In addition, the world needs more people who understand the value of life and the importance of healthy living.

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Become an Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers are highly skilled and finely educated individuals who specialize in making our planet a healthier place. They’re also in very high demand in the private and government sectors. Why? Because their primary role is to help companies and institutions find the best ways to minimize their carbon footprint, reduce waste, enhance energy efficiency, and boost conservation and preservation in general.

For example, you could be tasked to improve energy efficiency in recreational facilities and sports stadiums, ensure environmental compliance for private companies, or help entire governments steer their countries towards greener solutions. It’s a demanding job where the stakes are high, but it’s worth it.

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Pursue a Career in Green Urban Planning

Green urban planning is similar to environmental engineering, but eco-conscious urban planners are architects who specialize in green solutions. As a green urban planner would plan entire commercial and residential districts, and even urban expansion through the prism of sustainability, conservation, preservation and. most importantly, public health.

You would be preventing modern life from jeopardizing people’s health in a very real and impactful way, by creating greener living environments and infrastructure. This is a career path requiring years of education and training, but the rewards are well-worth the effort because you will be making the world a healthier place to be.

Wrapping up

Saving the planet is not an easy task, but we can all contribute in our own way. If you go into urban planning, healthcare, or renewable energy, rest assured your contribution will be felt.

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