environmentally responsible road trip

How to Make Your Road Trip Safe, Wallet-Friendly and Environmentally Responsible

environmentally responsible road trip

Even though summer is over, you can still take a memorable road trip across this beautiful nation with your friends and family. A road trip provides a great way to see the glory of our world. While you’re out there, try to make it as eco-friendly as possible, so future generations can enjoy the same beauty.

In addition to helping the planet, striving to be eco-friendly could also save you money along the way. Today, we’ll tell you how to make the most of your road trip, while making it safe, budget-friendly and sustainable.

Start By Being Eco-Friendly

As long as you set a good example, and live sustainably, you’ll influence others. Your efforts can make a big difference in our world. Start by making wise choices when choosing the vehicle you’ll take on your road trip. 

An excellent way for anyone to do their part is to look into buying an electric or hybrid car. In either case, you’ll be using less fuel, which is great because fossil fuels are one of the leading contributors to climate change. A hybrid vehicle will still use some gas, but you’ll also be using electricity, so you’ll save money overall, though not as much as you would with a fully electric car. Many hybrid vehicles are eligible for a federal tax credit, too, which can offset some costs. Since electric cars are so popular, there has been an increase in the number of charging stations around the country. Plan your route accordingly and you can get an extra boost when you need it.

Even if you don’t have a hybrid or electric car, you can still conserve fuel and help the planet with your current vehicle. You can start by only bringing the items you really need. Doing this will lighten the load on your vehicle and improve your gas mileage. Another way to save fuel is to check your air pressure during rest periods and ensure the tires are filled to the pressure listed on the tire.

Always Stay Safe

While you’re protecting the environment, you also need to ensure the safety and security of your friends and family during the trip. Start by packing an emergency kit you can use in the case of an emergency. A few road trip essentials include a jack, jumper cables and water. You should pack snacks that will last a while, like breakfast bars, in case you get stranded. It’s essential to pack a first aid kit with gauze, band-aids, gloves, a thermometer, as well as any necessary medications or antibiotics.

Before you leave for the trip, be sure to do basic maintenance on your vehicle so you’re not hit with any unexpected issues. Have a certified mechanic check the fluids, breaks, engine and windshield wipers. Have the necessary parts replaced then and there. You may want to learn some basic maintenance tasks yourself, like how to change a tire and replace your fluids.

Road trips are incredibly fun and being in the car with your friends can be a blast. However, you must continue to focus and avoid distracted driving, which can come in many forms. By taking your eyes off the road, your hands off the wheel or trying to tackle too many things at once, you can miss upcoming hazards or veer off the road. During trips, eating in the car, texting and talking with your friends can be very dangerous, so set ground rules for every driver ahead of time. This will allow you to be safe from the moment you leave home until the trip is complete. 

Stay Within Your Budget

Road trips can get expensive quickly, if you don’t budget ahead of time and prepare for the cost of fuel, snacks and lodging. Before your trip, it’s vital you create a budget for how much you plan to spend on leisure and necessities and stick to it. It won’t hurt to bring a credit card you only use in case of emergency. It’s also wise to plan your route in advance so you can take the most direct path, which will save fuel.

The other way to help the planet, and enjoy your road trip, is to engage in sustainable activities along the way. Every state has a national park where you can enjoy many fall activities. You can visit for the day or camp overnight. 

If you do decide to stop and camp along the way, there’s a lot of fun to be had. You can take challenging hikes, build a campfire, roast marshmallows, discover new plants and animals and more. Plus, when you turn off the electronics and stay in a tent, instead of renting a cabin that uses electricity, you also help the planet. You’ll help yourself by unplugging for a little bit, too. You can continue to make your camping trip eco-friendly by cleaning up after your family and following leave no trace principles, where you leave the campsite exactly as you found it. In addition to helping the planet, many campsites are affordable, so you’ll save a lot of money. 

You can enjoy many inexpensive and sustainable activities while taking a road trip, from going to a ranch to riding horses to looking for the best waterfalls in every state. Do things you can’t do at home to make it an adventure.

With so many ways to make a road trip fun, inexpensive and sustainable, there’s almost no reason not to hop in the car and make some memories. Be mindful about each step you take and you’ll make it a trip to remember.

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