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Go Green at Home: 7 Eco-Friendly DIY Projects

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Going green in your home does not have to be a big budget project. If you’re a homeowner or renter on a budget, making little changes to your lifestyle at home can help you incorporate eco-friendly habits without breaking the bank. Here are seven DIY projects so that you can have a more eco-friendly home on a budget:


Home Recycling Center – Creating a home recycling center can help you not just make the recycling process easier but also teach your kids the importance of recycling and being eco-friendly. Start by designating a specific area in your home or outside of your home dedicated to the sorting of recyclable materials. Get several bins and label them according to materials: paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum. This is a great system to stay organized and help you commit to a recycling plan.


Recycled Planters – Thinking of throwing away those old coffee tins or mason jars? Give them a new life instead as a recycled planter. Clean out these old containers thoroughly and pick up some soil and herbs to start your own in-home herb garden. Growing herbs indoors is perfect for both big kitchens and small spaces. This is a cheap alternative to a massive garden space in your backyard and has the added benefit of using recycled materials.

Re-grow Veggies – Starting a garden at home does not even necessarily mean splurging on new plants or seeds. You can start growing from your food waste as well. Save the tops of carrots and the roots of onions to use as the re-growth for your new home garden. You can grow anything from herbs to avocado trees with patience and a little know-how. There are plenty of online guides to help you get your garden started from your veggie scraps.

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Home Cleaning Products – Constantly using chemical products can be damaging to your home’s air quality. Creating your own homemade cleaning products is a budget-friendly way to incorporate some eco-friendly alternatives into your home. Going the green route with home cleaning products can not only save you money but is also a healthier alternative to dangerous chemical cleaners. Create a multipurpose cleaner with just water and apple cider vinegar, and you can also add essential oils to add some added benefits and a pleasing smell to your cleaner.

Recycled Fabric Snack Bags – Although once a home and family savior when it came to packing food on the go and other miscellaneous storage purposes, plastic zip snack bags can now be considered very damaging to the environment. Instead of constantly using these plastic bags, considering making your own washable snack bags that can be used and washed instead of thrown away. Collect any old fabric you might have around your home from old pillowcases or bedsheets and get familiar with your sewing machine. You can easily make a small pouch from these old fabrics that are great for using as a snack bag instead of plastic zip bags or for other purposes such as a makeup bag.


T-shirt Bags – Plastic shopping bags are on the way out as more and more people opt for green alternatives that are more eco-friendly. Reusable tote bags are usually the best option for carrying your groceries and shopping. However, they can be costly so considering making your own version at home from old t-shirts. This tutorial can help you convert your well-loved tees into an eco-friendly shopping bag.

Homemade Candles- Switching to a green lifestyle does not mean you need to give up what can be considered luxuries to your home. Candles can help improve the scent and atmosphere of your home. However, luxury candles can be expensive and, depending on their ingredients, not very eco-friendly. Instead of shelling out money on luxury candles make your own at home. By making your own homemade candles you can control the ingredients and scents of your candles. Opt for soy-based waxes and essential oils for a more green and eco-friendly product. You can also use those old containers such as coffee tins and mason jars to make these simple yet luxurious home accents.

A green home can often translate to a more tranquil and peaceful home. Switching up some simple habits to be eco-friendly can greatly improve your lifestyle for you and your entire family. Many might think that going green at home means making big budget changes to your lifestyle, but starting off with small changes can help you see instant benefits and can help you save money for bigger eco-friendly projects around your home.

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