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How to Clean Windows Like a Professional in 3 Easy, Eco-Friendly Steps

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Spring has sprung and there are many that have their home cleaning tasks at the top of their list. Whether you need to clean out clutter or just give your home a good deep clean, there are some things you might have forgotten. One of the things that does get put to the bottom of the list, most often, is cleaning your windows.

Just as the eyes are a window to the soul, the windows are the eyes of your home. You may not realize how dirty they are actually becoming until you want to clean them up. You may start to notice dirt, debris, and other items that are just unsightly. If you’re looking to clean your windows, you may consider a professional. However, you can clean those windows as well as the professionals with three easy steps. In addition, cleaning your own windows allows you to use eco-friendly options to prevent harmful toxins and chemicals from entering your home.

Check out the steps below to get that professional, squeaky-clean look for your windows you always want to keep.

The Right Tools

First off you need the right tools to make sure your windows come out clean and streakless. What you will need to have on hand is a squeegee, cleaning cloth, a bucket with a wide opening for the squeegee to fit in, gloves, and your preferred eco-friendly cleaning solution.

A simple DIY mixture of distilled or filtered water and some white vinegar does wonders. You can even add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil to give a fresh scent to your home (it also helps cut the vinegar smell).

The cleaning cloth should be attached to the squeegee or you should have some way of attaching it such as rubber bands to make sure it stays in place. This way you can use the squeegee to help get the cleaning solution on and off the windows.

Step 1:  Wet the Windows

The first step in your process is to take the cleaning cloth and dip it into the solution you’ve chosen. Then you will smear it over the surface of the window from top to bottom. This is one reason it is good to have the cloth on the squeegee. You can make sure the solution goes from top to bottom, even if you’re not quite tall enough to reach the top of your windows.

Step 2: Squeegee the Windows

Once the windows have been smeared with the solution, now you want to go back and squeegee the solution off the windows. Make sure to have some towels on hand and to clean the squeegee after every pass. Start at one end of the window and work your way down from top to bottom. As you bring the squeegee down, be sure to curve it down after the stroke to reduce the chance of streaks.

Step 3: Wipe Away Excess

After you’re finished with the squeegee, run your cleaning cloth down the wet parts of the window to clean away any drips etc. Also, take the cloth along the window sill to remove any drips or solution from the sill as well.

Utilizing this three-step process will help you to get the professional window look you want when you’re in the midst of home cleaning processes. It is simple and easy to do without spending a ton of money on having a professional come out.

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