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Energy Efficient Precision Panels 

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Home construction may not be as popular as it was, say a year or two ago, but for those who are looking on constructing a home or making any major additions to their home (or business for that matter), you’re going to want to know about Precision Panel.  Their state-of-the-art panels are engineered to be super strong, very energy efficient and to put it simply, they help make a greener building.

What makes them different?  Well, instead of building with old-school stud framing, Precision Panel builds with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).  An SIP is a rigid foam insulation that is placed in between panels to form a solid, pre-insulated building material.  Because it’s solid, less air and noise get through and it provides for a sturdier, better insulated structure.  For example, apparently a 16-foot SIP wall section with one 3′ x 4′ window contains 5% wood and 95% insulation.  The same wall framed with 2″x4″s has approximately 20% wood and a variable amount of insulation.

By using SIPs you are pretty much guaranteed to end up with a better structure because the insulation is a key part of the framing, not just something that is thrown in at the end of construction.  And, according to a study, “a 4-inch SIP wall outperforms 2″x4″ stick and batt construction, and even edges out 2″x6″ construction in terms of termal performance.” 

So, instead of using stud framing with fiberglass or cellulose fiber insulation (which does have the remote chance of coming free and getting into the air in your home), use Precision Panel SIPs as a ‘greener’ solution.  As an added note, Precision Panels have been gaining popularity (esp in Japan) for their inherent earthquake resistance.  We could use that in more Southern California homes!

To put it bluntly, if you want to ensure your new home or your new addition is going to bring you a return on your investment, then invest in Precision Panels.  Your energy savings are built right in.

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