Green Technology: Getting The Word Out

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Anything having to do with “going green” or green/clean technology is definitely a hot subject these days. Companies taking steps towards improving the environment, lessening their carbon footprint and promoting sustainable/eco-friendly living are what everyone wants to see and hear. It is so big in fact, that per the UN, it is estimated the world’s green economy will be worth close to $3 trillion dollars by the year 2020.

But, what about the next generations? What about our children? Many students are about to step into the working world, but are they prepared to carry forth with everything that is being done in these green economy sectors? What do they know about energy efficiency, recycling, water conservation, fuel additives, agriculture, green transportation, etc?

Yes, maybe their parents teach them some of these valuable environmentally-friendly tips, but what are they learning in school? With unemployment rates where they are today, students need an upper edge that will prepare them to get a good job. With the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act includes $50 billion for green jobs, teachers owe it to their students to help ensure they have the knowledge and skills needed to get those GREEN jobs.

Thankfully, Green Technology is working to bridge that gap. The first “Green Pathways to the Future” Teacher Institute is taking place in Northern California on August 10-11, 2009 and the second in Pasadena, CA on December 10-11, 2009. These events are designed to provide that much needed interaction between educators and green industry/business representatives.

If you work in the green industry, it would be worth it to attend and/or make a presentation at the “Green Pathways to the Future” event. Besides giving valuable green information and resources, you will be helping mold the future of the green industries though our children.

Green industries are the future and we must educate our children so they can help power that future. Therefore, the time to start getting the word out is now. So, if you work in a green business/industry, please see what contribution you can make to educating our educators about how your green business helps the environment. You’ll be thankful you did!

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