The Switchblade: Taking Green Travel to New Heights

Green driving with The Switchblade

Image courtesy of Samson Motorworks 

Earlier this year I wrote about Samson Motorworks and their SkyBike.  It looks like they have now come out with something even better – The Switchblade!  And let me tell you, not only does the name make it sound cool, but the bike is top of the line.  It drives, it flies and it takes traveling green to all new heights.

What’s different about the Switchblade?  Well, to start with the scissor wing design shaves about 200 lbs off the weight of the “bike” yet allows it to have a much better range and ability to maneuver.  When you want to drive it, the wings quickly swing closed into a case under the belly of the plane.  The case is designed to protect the wings from rocks, bumps, etc. that would otherwise damage the wings.

The Switchblade also is described as having a “Ferrari-inspired” shape with clean lines and smooth surfaces, which not only boost its appeal but allow for a more aero-dynamic drive/flight.  Other key features include: side-by-side seating, better range, slower handling speed and a wide cabin.  Also, since the Switchblade is a motorcycle, you should have no problem driving in the car-pool lane.

Now for some specs:

  • Gross take-off weight – 1400 lbs
  • Length 15’6″, Width 5’6″, Height 5’1″
  • Seats: 2, side by side
  • Speed: 90+ on the ground, 134 mph in the air
  • Range: 880 miles ground, 340 miles air
  • MPG: 60 mpg ground (estimate), 22 mpg air
  • Wingspan: 23’5″ main
  • Engine: 120 hp Freedom Motor twin rotor
  • Fuel: regular unleaded gasoline (but it’s capable of using any fuel due to the freedom motor)
  • NOTE: Having a freedom motor is like using a good fuel additive because both greatly reduce emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Fuel capacity: 16 gallons including reserve

Essentially, you could take a road trip from Los Angeles almost all the way to San Francisco and back on one tank of gas (driving that is).  Or you could drive up and fly home if you needed to get back for that last minute meeting.  Either way the Switchblade is flexible.

Another thing to know is that they have already finished basic layouts for both a hybrid and electric version.  So when it comes to figuring out what your next green vehicle will be, remember to keep the Switchblade in mind.  Seriously…just think of the possibilities.  I mean, why settle for driving alone, when you can drive OR fly!


  • terence yap singapore

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  • Colorado Solar

    That’s really cool. I love seeing the new innovations that will help move us away from fossil fuels, or at least improve their efficiency. Now if they can add solar to the car, it’s a winner!
    You might like the University of Minnesota’s solar blog – they have solar vehicles in races all the time – maybe good content for your blog articles.
    I’ve bookmarked this site and will be back!

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