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Eco-Friendly Workouts: 5 Ways to Green Up Your Fitness Regime

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In an attempt to lead a more environmentally-friendly, sustainable life, you might make positive changes like recycling and reusing, supporting small local businesses, saving energy at home, and the like. All of this can help you start living a pollution free life, but there’s one more change that can make a big impact. You can choose to green up your fitness routine, as well.

You might not have known this, but there are many ways to live the fitness lifestyle, and your choices can have a big impact on your life and the world around you. You can choose to go to a gym that really cares about improving its energy efficiency and using sustainable solutions. You can also make small, yet powerful, changes in your everyday life.

Let’s talk about these changes and give you some fresh ideas on how you can make your fitness regime greener while achieving your health goals. 

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1. Ditch the Plastic Water Bottle

If you’re an active individual, and especially if you’re living a fitness lifestyle, then you probably know that proper hydration is paramount to workout success as well as long-term health. You need to hydrate and fuel your body throughout the day to perform at your best. You especially need to hydrate during your workouts to keep your energy levels topped off. But you don’t have to be wasteful to do it.


One of the worst things you can do is to hydrate with a traditional plastic bottle that’s only really good for a couple of uses, and chances are you are just going to toss it after a workout or lose it along the way. That plastic bottle quickly becomes a part of the global plastic pollution problem, a problem you can help fix by switching to a reusable water bottle. This can be a glass bottle with a protective case or a stainless-steel bottle which will keep the contents fresh and you’ll be able to use it for years on end. 

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2. Reduce Waste by Planning Your Nutrition

Another great way you can maximize your performance in training and elevate your health is to organize and plan your meals. This also has a side benefit you might not have considered before. By planning your meals in advance, you are able to buy groceries in advance and stick to a strict shopping list. This allows you to utilize everything you buy instead of throwing food away, which is one of the best ways to slowly transition to a zero-waste lifestyle.

Along with reusing, recycling, and repurposing, you can use this organized approach to nutrition to save money in the long run and ensure none of the food you buy is wasted. To achieve this, you can learn to prep your meals for the upcoming week, and create an eating routine that will make it easy to stick to your shopping list. 

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3. Make the Most of Your Supplements

Speaking of nutrition, another way to ensure you have your nutrition covered, and you create as little waste as possible, is to choose the right supplements. Supplementation is not necessary, of course, but it can come in handy when you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet, all without wasting the food you buy.

It’s also important to choose natural supplements without fillers or unhealthy additives. You’ll find the best isolate protein powder will typically have no added sugars or fillers. Be sure to maximize the use of your supplements by converting the containers into pots for plants and other useful items by simply coloring them and decorating them with little ornaments.

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4. Wear Proper, Durable Active Wear

There are many reasons why personal trainers recommend people wear the proper active wear to their workouts, and it’s not to look cool or waste money on popular clothing brands. While you definitely shouldn’t splurge on active wear, it’s also important to note this type of clothing is specifically built to withstand the stress of rigorous exercise, and it will therefore serve you a very long time.


Add to that, wearing the proper clothes to your training sessions is one of the best ways to improve your energy during training and even throughout the day because it’s lightweight, breathable and compressive in all the right places. The right clothes support proper blood flow to keep you energized.

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5. Take Your Workouts to the Outdoors

Last but not least, don’t confine your workouts to your home or the gym. If you’re not under stay at home orders, and you’re able to venture outside, then by all means take advantage and transition to outdoor workouts.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and go work out in nature where you can rejuvenate your mind as well as your body. While you’re there, you can help clean up any garbage you find along the way, or you can join a group that organizes fitness excursions with the intent to give back to Mother Nature. 

Wrapping Up

There are many ways we can do our part to preserve the environment and conserve precious natural resources. One of the best things you can do is to make your fitness routine as environmentally-friendly as possible, so be sure to use these tips to green up your diet and training. This will not only benefit your long-term health, but the health of the planet as well.

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