Eco Designs: 4 Inventions and Ideas Inspired By Nature

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Biomimicry is the process of studying nature’s design, then taking that design and incorporating it into or imitating it in specific man-made materials, goods, technology and architecture. Nature has so many wonderful ways to enhance sustainability and survival. We, as a society, would be remiss if we didn’t learn from nature and use nature to enhance our own way of living. Countless inventions have been inspired by nature over the years and here are just a few of the more recent ones:

Air purifying billboard: This invention takes its cue from nature, yet this one billboard can purify the air better than 1,200 trees. The clean air it produces can reach a radius of 5 blocks. While this billboard was designed to remove the pollution generated from a construction site, there is no reason billboards of this type cannot be placed throughout cities and towns across the world.

Super rechargeable lithium battery: While no  marketable invention has yet been developed, it appears that a new idea for a super, rechargeable lithium battery invention has been inspired by none other than the pomegranate. The way the pomegranate seeds are clustered together has given inventors a way in which they could increase the battery’s ability to hold charge by up to 10 times. That would be quite a significant improvement.

Nature-inspired, mixed-use housing tower: Nature has given way to many architecture designs. This particular design is intended to look like a tree with leaves reaching out towards the sunlight or “a natural form that was carved out or sculpted over time by water or wind.” The design allows for natural light with a certain amount of shade control, while at the same time giving residents a chance to enjoy a little outdoor living.

CNBC Interview Nicolas Laisné from Nicolas Laisné * Associés on Vimeo.

Air-conditioning and cooling units: Humans aren’t the only ones who want to stay cool during the hot, summer months. To improve on our cooling methods, designers have once again opted for biomimicry. Termites, birds, ticks, whales and even Mother Nature herself have led inspiration for these 5 natural air-conditioning designs.

And if these inventions and ideas just seemed to get wondering more about what else has been inspired by nature, take a look at the incredible new tech inspired by biology. (Be sure to click through each of the images to get a better idea of the role biomimicry has played in our society.)

I can only imagine the inventions that could come about by using this newly-discovered metal eating plant as a source of inspiration.

Nature image by Jonny White via Flickr Creative Commons

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