A Green Plus on Cookware

Image from CookForLife.com

Image from CookForLife.com

When it comes to eating healthy many people forget to factor in the cookware they are using to make their meals. You could be buying fresh vegetables and only natural or organic foods and still not get all the nutrients you hoped for. Your cookware could be thwarting your efforts to go green, plus it could be adding toxins into the “healthy” food you are making.

Just like you can pick your vehicle based on the form of gasoline, diesel, bio-fuel, alternative fuel or fuel additive used to make it more fuel efficient and better for the environment, the same idea applies to choosing your cookware.  What kind of cookware is best to ensure your food stays healthy after you cook it? What kind of cookware is better for the environment?

Well, there are many you can choose from, but from my personal experience, I’d recommend going with Kitchen Craft® Cookware, made by Americraft. You won’t find them in department stores or your local Bed, Bath and Beyond, but you can find them at most State Fairs or Home Shows.

It’s made from stainless steel and while it isn’t as “easy to clean” per se as non-stick cookware, it doesn’t release chemicals or toxins into the air or into your food as some non-stick cookware can do. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather put a little more elbow grease into cleaning rather than worry about toxins or little pieces of plastic getting in my family’s food.

Now I may be a tad bit biased as my sister sells Kitchen Craft cookware and she did give us a basic set as a wedding gift about six years ago. But, since I pretty much use the cookware every day, I’d say it was one of the best gifts I received.

Not only is the cookware stainless steel, but it is commonly referred to as “waterless cookware“, which is a great way to cook while saving water and energy at the same time.

Now I’m no chef, by any stretch of the imagination and my hubby does do a lot of the cooking, but having this cookware really does help with making good quality, healthy meals. That’s why I thought it would be worth mentioning!

Here’s a simple video that shows you how simple it is to make chicken and potatoes without a lot of fats, oils or grease:

And another that shows you some of the green benefits of Americraft’s manufacturing process, including:

  • No harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process
  • Renewable wind energy provides the electricity to power their machines
  • Energy-efficient windows allow natural light in
  • Their containers are made from 30-100% recycled fiber
  • They use reverse osmosis to reduce water consumption and filter discharge
  • No VOCs
  • They use natural cleaning methods

Some of the benefits experienced by people using their cookware include:

  • Saving energy, as it only requires low-medium heat to cook to perfection
  • Saving space, as you can not only stack the cookware when not in use, you can stack the pans on top of each other during cooking – requiring only one burner to be in use.
  • Saving money, as your cookware will last longer and you can get more nutrients from your food than other types of cookware. You can even take advantage of their $50 off coupon or email [email protected] to see what offers are available.
  • Improving health, if used properly this cookware will allow you to prepare your meals using less water, less oils and fats, have less cholesterol as a result, etc. You can even do things like cook fried chicken without grease or boil an egg without a pot full of water.
  • Saving time, as there is less prep time involved with most cooking and less need to constantly check your food.

So if you want to improve your health and make sure the food you are cooking maintains its nutrients, invest in a long-lasting, reliable cookware like Kitchen Craft cookware (aka The Healthy Gourmet). They definitely get a green plus in my book for healthy cookware.


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