Why You Should Be Using a Liquid Fuel Catalyst

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While more and more people are choosing to drive electric and hybrid vehicles, not everyone can afford (or even wants) to do so. Fortunately, using a proven liquid fuel catalyst can help gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicle owners lower their environmental footprint with very little effort or out-of-pocket cost. By using Biofriendly Corporation’s Green Plus® liquid fuel catalyst you can improve your engine power, reduce harmful vehicle emissions, and increase fuel economy.

What you should know is Green Plus® is not a fuel additive. A fuel additive does not generally improve engine performance, nor can it be relied on to increase gas mileage like an effective liquid fuel catalyst can do. Biofriendly’s liquid fuel catalyst is the most effective enhancement product in the fuels industry, with certified tests to prove it.

What Is a Liquid Fuel Catalyst?

According to Dictionary.com, a catalyst is “a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected.” Biofriendly’s liquid fuel catalyst is a product which has been proven to improve the combustion of liquid fuels at the molecular level. Whether your vehicle uses gasoline or diesel, our patented and proven liquid fuel catalyst can be used to improve your vehicle’s MPG and overall performance. The same holds true with home heating oil. If you use heating oil to heat your home, a liquid fuel catalyst like Green Plus can give you a cleaner, greener burn and help you save money overall.

So, what are some of the benefits of using Green Plus?

Green Plus for Gasoline and Diesel

Green Plus for GasolineA single container of Green Plus can treat approximately 80 gallons of gasoline, at up to 15 gallons per fill-up, or one full month of common fuel usage. Benefits of using the Green Plus liquid fuel catalyst include:


  • Reduce emissions up to 45%
  • Improve engine power up to 11%
  • Increase fuel economy by 9%


  • Reduce emissions up to 53%
  • Improve engine power up to 11%
  • Increase fuel economy by 6%

Green Plus for Home Heating Oil

Green Plus for home heating oilBiofriendly Corporation has developed Green Plus for the home heating market as well. By adding this safe and effective product to your home heating oil, you can substantially reduce home heating costs and lower the amount of smog-forming emissions. Green Plus for home heating oil,

  • Reduces smog-forming emissions by more than 19%, and
  • Improves fuel economy by around 9%

Other benefits are the product is low cost, is certified safe by governments on five continents, has been independently proven effective, and shipping and handling are FREE. A full bottle treats 500 gallons.

Simply put, besides going out and getting a more eco-friendly form of transportation, one simple way to lower your harmful emissions and your environmental footprint is by choosing Biofriendly Corporation’s Green Plus. It doesn’t matter whether you drive a little or a lot, a proven liquid fuel catalyst has its environmental and financial benefits.

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