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7 Eco-Friendly Reasons Why You Need a Water Filter at Home

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Did you know drinking water is one of the best things you can do to protect your health? It’s true! And what better way to drink healthy, clean water than with a home water filter. There are so many reasons why owning a home water filter is eco-friendly. Here are seven reasons you need a home water filter.

1. Fewer Bottles Means Less Plastic Going to the Landfill

Every year, we produce billions of plastic bottles, and most end up in landfills or oceans. Because these products cannot biodegrade quickly, they end up being around for decades and decades to come. By getting a home water filter, you’ll be using fewer water bottles, which means less plastic going to the dump! This means you will be able to save money as well! A home water filter can also filter out other contaminants like mercury, lead, and bacteria. When it comes time to change the filter cartridge, a home water filter can handle up to six months before needing replacement. Click here to see some of the best countertop water filters for your home.

2. Bottles Waste Energy and Resources

You may not know drinking tap water is better for the environment than buying bottled water. One of the reasons is making a single bottle or container requires five times the energy it takes to create tap water. This is because it goes through all these processes like washing, heating & cooling before packaging. Bottles of water also consume an estimated 17 million barrels of petroleum oil and 16.25 billion kilowatts per hour of electricity to produce, transport, and store the bottles we use for just 30 days!

In other words: buying an essential item (like a coffee maker) would consume three gallons of gas more than getting filtered tap water from home; when you buy just one gallon of bottled water, the energy consumed is equivalent to running your dishwasher. Tap water costs less money than bottled varieties which means home-filtered tap water will be cheaper in the long run.

3. Home Water Filters Are Very Affordable

Water filters are very affordable, and the cost per gallon is meager, typically around three cents! It’s a small price to pay for cleaner water that can help you lead a healthier life with better skin or hair. The more filtered your water is, the less expensive it will be on your monthly bills because of how much you’ll save from buying bottled waters. You won’t need to worry about being stuck without drinking water again as long as you have one at home!

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4. Reduce Exposure to Chlorinated and Fluoridated Tap Water

Tap water is being chlorinated and fluoridated to make it safe for humans. However, while these processes help reduce the spread of disease, they can also create various health issues like cancer or low thyroid levels. Chlorine is also responsible for creating dry skin and a brittle hair texture, so it’s not good if you’re looking to improve your health or beauty. Home water filters can filter out chemicals, like chlorine, added for sanitation purposes.

5. Preserve Natural Sources of Water and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

There’s no need to keep polluting the planet with plastic bottles when we have natural sources like rivers or lakes nearby. You could reduce your carbon footprint by up to 80% just by reducing the number of bottled waters consumed.

6. Less Tap Water Usage for Households

About a third of the water we use in our homes is from tap water. A filter can reduce this number significantly, especially if you have children or pets that often drink from faucets and basins. In addition, when there’s less usage on your household pipes, this allows them to last longer!

Less water usage means less strain on the water treatment plant. Water filters can also help reduce the number of resources going into your local water treatment plants, which means they’ll be able to serve more people.

7. Reduce Household Waste Stream

A family of four will generate approximately 150 pounds of trash every month due to wasted disposable bottles and plastic containers from bottled waters. But, you won’t need any more garbage bags for your bottles if you have a filtered system, because they’re reusable! Plus, you’ll feel better about living as green as possible, since these systems are generally easy on your budget at just $150-$500 per year, depending on the size.

There are many reasons why you need a water filter at home to live as eco-friendly as possible. But, first, it is essential to be mindful of the environment in which we live.

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    I like that you talked about how a home water filter could filter out contaminants like mercury, lead, and bacteria. I heard water contamination is actually quite common now which made me think about what we could do for our water. Asking for water filter system installation services sounds like a pretty good idea, so we should probably pick that choice.

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