10 Simple Earth Day Do’s and Don’ts

Image by Randy Wood

When it comes to Earth Day I could update you on all the activities and events that are planned. I could go over the idea behind Earth Day and why it’s important to educate people on sustainability and the need to protect the environment. I could tell you all about climate change and why it’s key to lower your environmental footprint. I could do many things, but this time around I decided to give you some simple Earth Day Do’s and Don’ts. So here you go:

1 – Don’t think buying these stamps counts towards the one action you can do to make your life a little more “green”. Do check out these 10 Ways to Go Green and Save Green.

2 – Do grow your own fresh herbs and vegetables. Local Farmer’s Markets and local growers are great options as well. Don’t resort to eating canned or heavily processed foods.


3 – Don’t paint your house green (unless it’s low VOC paint of course). Do pledge a simple Act of Green and be entered in the Billion Acts of Green Sweepstakes.

4 – Don’t throw away your bottles and cans. Do learn about and implement ways to reduce waste at home. Composting, recycling and waste reduction can go a long way.

5 – Don’t just sit under a tree on Earth Day. Do plant a tree or make a small donation to have trees planted in much needed areas around the world.

6 – Do work out smart ways to dramatically reduce your energy costs and usage as the weather gets warmer. Don’t think you’re going to make it through the hot months with just a hand-held fan.

7 – Don’t load the family up, drive hundreds of miles only to spend the weekend in a hotel. Get outside. Do visit, appreciate and come to respect the wonders of our national parks. April 16th through April 24th, 2011 is National Park Week!

8 – Don’t think Earth Day has nothing to do with you. Do learn about the history of Earth Day and how each person plays a part.

9 – Don’t just step outside and say you went green for Earth Day. Do ride a bike, ride the rail, go for a hike and then when you are done figure out how you can adjust your “normal” transportation habits in favor of a more environmentally-friendly transportation routine.

10 – Don’t think kids and schools have no place in Earth Day. Do learn about why greening schools is so important to our children’s future.


And remember that moms always say they know best when it comes to tips or tried and true ways to do things, so this Earth Day take a look at these 20 Green Summer Tips…Mom-Approved. In all honesty though, when it comes to the Earth, every day is Earth Day. So, take a look at how you live your life and see what simple changes you can start making to help live a more sustainable life!

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