Green Camping Checklist: Making the Most of Your Summer Trip

Now that the kids are out (or almost out) of school, the summer camping season is here. Camping is a simple, yet fun way to spend some time outdoors. It can also be an ideal way to get unplugged from the stresses of day-to-day life and provide you with a sense of serenity and relief. […]

Green Your Life Every Day: Earth Day 2015

While many people may consider Earth Day to be mostly symbolic in nature, Earth Day does have a purpose and does have its benefits. Earth Day is a grassroots effort intended to draw and focus our attention on the need for green, environmental protection actions on a global level. As Earth Day spans the entire globe, every […]

10 Simple Earth Day Do’s and Don’ts

Image by Randy Wood When it comes to Earth Day I could update you on all the activities and events that are planned. I could go over the idea behind Earth Day and why it’s important to educate people on sustainability and the need to protect the environment. I could tell you all about climate […]

Giving Yourself an Environmental Kick Start

Well, history was made again this past weekend. Earth Hour 2010 took place around the world at 8:30pm (local time) on Saturday, March 27th. I hope you took part, as Earth Hour was designed to unite millions of people around the globe so they could show their support to “turn the lights off on pollution […]