10 Simple Biofriendly Actions for 10/10/10

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We’re talking about positive actions, we’re talking about doing something – something biofriendly, of course. This Sunday is 10/10/10 and broadly recognized as a “Global Day of Doing“.

People from all across the globe are joining together to show they are intent on making a difference. They are intent on reducing their carbon footprint, intent on lowering their emissions, intent on living a “greener” life…you get the idea.

Now, despite the release of a pretty disturbing viral video centered around “blowing people up for climate change”, the overall intention behind 10/10/10 is good. They want to make people aware of what they can do about climate change, educate them on how their daily actions affect the environment around them and then get them to make some changes. It’s all about doing something to make a difference.

I’m all for doing something about climate change. I’m not saying that Mother Nature and Planet Earth don’t have a mind of their own, but I do feel that what we do can make a difference – good or bad. So why not do something to contribute to the survival of the planet? I know I’d rather see more green spaces, less pollution and cleaner air. What about you?

So here are 10 biofriendly actions you can take in recognition of 10/10/10:

1 – Walk instead of drive. This Sunday, itself of driving where you need to go, try walking there. You cut down emissions and get some exercise. Besides, it’s always nice to get outdoors.

2 – Plant a garden. If you missed out on your Summer garden, don’t worry. Now is a great time to start getting prepared for winter. Apartment or not, try growing a few of your own herbs and vegetables. It’s fun and they taste great.

3 – Eat local. Go to your local Farmer’s Market and get some locally grown food. No reason to have food trucked across country when you can get wonderfully tasting, fresh food close to home.

4 – Unplug. Rather than spending the day online or plopped in front of the TV, why don’t you unplug for the day. Spend time with family, go out for a walk. Find something to do that doesn’t require you to be plugged in all day.

5 – Do some Spring Cleaning in the Fall. Many of us probably have a lot more “stuff” than we actually need. Try cleaning house a bit then donate the stuff you don’t use anymore.

6 – Recycle. If you haven’t started recycling, get yourself a recycling bin and start. Even a paper bag can be used to collect recyclables.

7 – Attend a already planned 10:10 event.

8 – Register your own event for 10/10/10. Nothing says you can’t start your own event and you should!

9 – Educate your kids/family about the different steps they can take to curb their negative impact on the environment. But more importantly, educate them on what they can do to help better the environment around them.

10 – Simply clean up. Go to your local park, beach or even just walk around your neighborhood and clean up. It’s a simple action that will not only make an immediate improvement, but will remind others to clean up too.

There are so many things each of us can do. For a few more biofriendly ideas, take a look at this video and see what other people are doing on 10/10/10. I’d love to hear what your ideas are for 10/10/10 too – what are you doing?

10:10:10 A GLOBAL DAY OF DOING from 10:10 on Vimeo.


  • nan

    Great ideas, Tara! Thx!

  • Rob J

    Thanks for this post, Tara. It’s nice to be able to make the whole novelty of 10/10/10 mean something.


  • Stephanie

    My kids and I will recognize 10-10-10! Thanks for the great ideas.

  • michelle

    Wonderful ideas for this Sunday and every Sunday. I could use an unplugged day and it will be this Sunday- I look forward it.
    So many of your ideas reinforce that living more sustainable brings us far more benefits than anything that we have to give up.
    This is also what we try to share at smartlifeways.com -Sustainable living is easier than you think.
    Thanks for the great reminder…

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