10 Green Actions That Can Dramatically Improve Our Cities

When people talk about “going green” or doing actions that are considered to be more environmentally-friendly, they are often talking about actions someone can do on a personal level. There are green actions, however, that cities and local governments can take that will dramatically improve not only our quality of life, but the air we breathe, traffic congestion, the massive expenses associated with city living, our day-to-day routines, and much more. The following infographic gives you a good insight into some actions my city, your city and any city can take to go green (and save money to boot).

Top 10 Ways to Make Cities Greener
Source: Best Sociology Programs

Now that you have a better idea of what actions your city can take, take a look around and see what actions your city is already doing and which ones they could benefit from implementing. Here’s hoping more cities set into motion plans to go green!

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