What do you think Santa has to say about coal emissions?

coal in stockings? 

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We all know the old story, if you are good Santa Claus (or Father Christmas, depending on where you are from) will put toys and presents in your Christmas stocking and if you are bad, you get coal.  But what do you think Santa Claus does in this day and age?

I’m sure Santa Claus is a reasonable man….he is a jolly ole’ soul, right?  He wants to ensure the children (and adults) are happy and healthy.  Coal doesn’t exactly promote happy and healthy living – whether it’s coal put in someone’s stocking or burning coal in a power plant (which produces at least 40% of today’s CO2 emissions).

I don’t necessarily think Santa was wrong, at the time, for putting coal in the stockings of bad children.  I know in earlier years, coal was used quite often – in industry and in homes to fuel coal-burning stoves, etc., but times are constantly changing.

Nowadays there are many ideas about how to “clean up” coal to help make it less harmful to the environment – some expensive and complex while others like Green Pluscombustion catalyst are more cost-effective, efficient and relatively simple to implement.

But no matter what, I think Santa probably has a more biofriendly way to let a child know if he/she has been naughty or nice.  Let’s face it, I mean, Santa still rides around in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, which has to be good on his fuel economy and keep the harmful emissions low.  We know he’s thinking green.

So, what do you think Santa puts in stockings of bad children these days?  And what do you think he has to say about coal emissions?

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