Economic woes give way to greener holidays

Greener holidays 

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In these trying economic times, many people are looking to the holidays to help lift their spirits, bring joy to their lives or just simply take their minds off their economic woes.  But what many don’t know is in most cases going simple also translates to going green.

In talking with friends to find out what they are doing over the holidays, the overwhelming response is they are staying home.  Not many of them are planning extravagant parties or planning any trips (The Air Transport Association predicts travel will drop 9% this holiday season).   Most of them are tightening their purse strings and spending a joyful holiday with their immediate family.

What they may or may not know is their plans are also helping the environment.  People are having greener holidays just out of necessity alone.  For example, not traveling saves on CO2 emissions from the car, bus, train or plane you would have taken (even if you are using bio-fuels or a fuel additive) – as well as the money you would save on gas, food, hotels, etc.  Not having big parties saves electricity, heating, air pollution, etc. – as well as all the money you would save on food, drinks, party supplies, etc.  And I haven’t even mentioned all the trash usually generated from big parties, even when you recycle.

During this holiday season remember that even though economic stresses may be high there is always a silver lining….and in this case a green one.  So, no matter who you are or what your plans are, take a moment to see how you are having a greener holiday.  Then, if you can do more, please do.

Wishing you a happy, safe and green holiday season!

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