Weekly Greens – Sept 25th (w/videos)

With so many people becoming more aware of the environment around them and wanting to know what they can do to live a greener, cleaner life, keeping up on the latest green news can sometimes be tough. There is a lot of information to assimilate.

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Now, I won’t even begin to say that I capture a minute portion of it, but these are a few of the ones that caught my attention this week and so I wanted to share them with you.

Therefore here are your Weekly Greens:

1.Bike Sharing Expands in Washington: If definitely makes me happy anytime I hear about cities and towns becoming more bike-friendly. I would love to see these around Los Angeles and Southern California. It would allow so many more people to use public transportation if they could take the train, then get a bike at the station, ride to work, ride back to the station and take the train home. Without even having to take a bike on the train.

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2. Student Makes History with First Ever Human-Powered Ornithopter Flight: Speaking of transportation, a Canadian engineering student at the University of Toronto managed to accomplish a truly magical feat. Words don’t do it justice…I encourage you to watch the video for yourself.

3. Harvesting the Pacific Trash Vortex for Fuel: Personally I think this is a smart idea. Since the Pacific Trash Vortex, aka the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is already in existence and needs to be cleaned up, we might as well make good re-use of it too.

4. 10 Dangerous Everyday Things in Your Home: When we think of what we can do to be more environmentally-friendly we sometimes forget about what is closest to home. Take a look at your own home and educate yourself on which of these dangerous and/or toxic items are in your home. Once you know, you can do something about it.

5. Optional Hotel Housekeeping: Radical Concept or Green Idea?: It’s kind of both, don’t you think? Most people are so used to typical housekeeping services when they travel, they might not know what to do if they weren’t offered. As long as the rooms are well maintained, I think it’s a great option. (Although I would think it would be worth more than a $5 gift card.)

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6. I Want to Get Fined for Growing Too Much Food: Love this post and if you’ve been keeping up with Mike at all, you’ll know it’s totally him. How crazy is it that a person would get fined for growing food? Why would it be illegal to grow your own food? If we are going to live more sustainable lives, then growing your own food is pretty much a given.

8. Is Diet the Key to Living to 114?: Walter Breuning turned 114 the other day and shared a little insight into his life, past and what he feels has helped him live so long. Needless to say, this is another one of those stories where you just need to watch the video for yourself.

One last, but important note: Please remember today is International Coastal Cleanup Day. It’s not too late for you to sign up and help clean up your local coastline. Remember, it’s your environment too and anything you can do to make it better helps!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Weekly Greens. Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to get some time outdoors, especially now that Fall is here.

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  • Stephanie

    Love the collection again! I think that 114-year old is on to something with the diet! And yes – please get out for International Coastal Cleanup day!

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