Weekly Greens – October 8th

Well, this week has gone by faster than I realized. Although that can also be looked at as a good thing too. One thing I did notice was that there were some very interesting developments on the green/environmental side of life (hmmm….wait a second, what side of life isn’t somehow connected to the environment?). Anyway, let me get right into this week’s Weekly Greens and share a few articles I thought you might enjoy.

Image by Lida Rose

1. Chilean Island Turned into Marine Preserve: It’s always nice to hear good news happening, especially when it relates to saving our oceans and protecting marine life. Maybe if more countries opted for solutions like this, we could make more forward progress in this arena.

Image by nkeryan

2. Dept. of Interior Signs First-Ever Offshore Wind Energy Lease in U.S.: Well, it took 8 years to happen, but it is finally happening. Hopefully we’ll continue to see more news coming from the alternative energy industry in the weeks/months to come. It would be nice to have a broad diversity of alternative energy options.

3. The White House Goes Solar. Why Now?: It’s great news, isn’t it?! But I’m pretty sure everyone is well aware that the White House is going to be getting solar panels. The question that that followed however was “Why now?”. What changed his mind?

Image by Allmightymo

But let me just say, when you’ve got The White House, NASA and the New York Jets all adding rooftop solar, that’s definitely a move in the right direction!

4. U.S. Senate Votes to Ban Crush Porn: Needless to say this is great news. And speaking of animals, this month is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month so here are 10 Easy Ways to Help Shelter Dogs.

Image by maplegirlie

5. The iMove: Could The Future of Apple Be In The Auto Industry?: Apple has come out with some amazing innovations, but I’ll tell you honestly, I did not expect to see them in the auto industry.

Last but not least, Sunday is 10:10 and if you aren’t already aware many groups, organizations and individuals are banning together for a Global Day of Doing. If you don’t have an activity already planned, check out these 10 Simple Biofriendly Actions for 10/10/10.

Please remember, if you have any green or environmental posts that you think I should share as part of my Weekly Greens, please email them to me at [email protected]. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and please remember to spend some time outdoors!

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  • Stephanie

    Great collection! I too, was scratching my head at Obama’s 100% about face regarding solar panels on the White House. Last I heard, they couldn’t be installed due to “security” concerns.

    Love the pet adoption piece too. Makes me want to head to the shelter… 🙂

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