Weekly Greens – Holiday Weekend Edition

Well, the weekend has arrived. Many of you may be heading off for a holiday getaways or perhaps you have plans to spend time with family. Hopefully each of you will get a little time to log off and enjoy the great outdoors this weekend too! It’s going to be a scorcher here, but we’re looking forward to being unplugged and enjoying the fun and sun!

Image by Rupert Ganzer

However, before we all head out, take a look at this week’s Weekly Greens – the holiday weekend edition:

1) Urban Water Transportation: Introducing the CAT, City Aquatic Transportation. Designed for seaside cities, these vehicles are geared to travel along the waterways in order to help relieve congestion on the roads. To top that off, they are driven via auto-pilot. What do think of these?

2) New Air Powered Car Will Soon Be Floating Around India’s Streets: Here’s another one I thought was pretty cool. This car would have a range of about 300km (186 miles) and would only cost around $2 for “refueling”. It’s no sports car, but when you need a vehicle to get around, run errands, commute to work, etc. it seems like a great option. Oh…it goes up to 65mph too!

3) Stop Idling And Turn Off Your Car: This one is something anyone can do, well anyone with a car that is. If you expect to be idling for more than 15-30 seconds, turn off your engine. If you are sitting waiting for someone, turn off your car. If it gets too warm inside, roll down the windows.

Bonus tip: To further improve your fuel economy and lower your vehicle’s emissions, use a proven fuel additive.

4) Humans Dwarf Volcanoes for CO2 Emissions: Speaking of the subject of emissions, this one definitely gives us something to ponder. No question we can make some changes in our lives, don’t you agree?

5) Wrapping Your Mind Around a Personal 20-20-20 Action Plan: Here’s an idea. Very simple in concept and something that everyone should look at doing. Cutting emissions by 20%, increasing use of renewables by 20% and decreasing energy consumption 20% all by 2020. Are you up for it?

6) Start Growing Your Own Food and Gardening: This one will eventually sink in with everyone. Not only does fresh food taste much better, it’s safer to know what you are eating and it’s fun too. Which reminds me, I need to get some more supplies. The kids and I have some gardening to do!

7) How to Repel Mosquitos Naturally: This one I thought was perfect for the holiday weekend. With temperatures rising, it’s good to know how to stave off those pesky mosquitoes without using strong chemicals and toxic sprays.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this week’s Weekly Greens! One last note, remember to keep these tips in mind when you attend or throw any 4th of July parties. Have a happy and biofriendly weekend!


  • Rob Jones

    Thanks for the mention and the link to the Mosquito piece on the BuildDirect blog. And thanks for this round up post in general – lots of great material to explore!

  • ines

    Thank you for the resources, especially for the seventh one :).

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