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There were so many interesting green and environmental articles this week, I wasn’t exactly sure where to start. Unfortunately when it came time to write my Weekly Greens blog post, I had already forgotten where I had seen some of them. However, there is no shortage of information and these articles in particular caught my attention this week. Some are pretty interesting and others are informative. I hope you enjoy and get something out of the Sunday edition of Weekly Greens:

1 – Edison-Era Inventions Emerge From the Vaults of General Electric: How often do you get to see Edison-era inventions? These in particular are amazingly cool as they include an 100-year old electric car charger, one of the earliest GE solar cells, an electrochemical fuel cell and more.

2 – Six Hundred Unknown Species Discovered in Madagascar: The title of this story speaks loads. It is incredible that they were able to discovery so many unknown species over the last decade. However, the fact that many of these species are already endangered is not a good sign. Maybe it’s time we let nature-rich areas like Madagascar thrive as they were meant to thrive.

3 – The New Endangered Species: The Free-Range Child: Yes, there is another species in danger and that is the free-range child. Remember back to your childhood. How often did you get home from school, tell your mom you were going outside to play and then not be seen again until dinner time? My sister and I did it all the time. What about today’s children?

4 – Summer Eco Travel Guide: Speaking of getting outside…Summer is almost here and since schools are letting out, it’s time to start planning Summer vacations. For those of you who are looking to have a green Summer vacation, this guide will give you some great tips and ideas.

5 – Why It Is Cheaper To Build A Green Home: There is a misconception that many people have about green building. They are often led to believe building a green home would take more time and money than building a “traditional” home. But that’s not necessarily true.

6 – 10 Perspectives on the Future of Water: It’s sometimes hard to believe there can be a water shortage, but when it comes to clean, fresh water there is a situation that needs to be dealt with. It is worth taking a look at these 10 perspectives on the future of water. Then take a look at this infographic about who does and doesn’t have access to clean water.

7 – Greenhouse gas emissions hitting record highs: Well, that’s not very encouraging. With all the talk about cutting down on GHG emissions and going green, why are emissions going up? Some of it may be related to Japan’s nuclear disaster and the fact their aggressive energy plan is somewhat on hold, but that’s by far not the only factor.

Well, that covers the Sunday edition of my Weekly Greens. Follow me on Twitter for more green and environmental information throughout the week. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend…remember to get outside and enjoy the good old outdoors!

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