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6 Ways Everyone Can Be More Eco-Conscious in 2021

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With the start of a new year comes the chance to make resolutions to do better, for ourselves and for the planet. If you’re thinking of making some eco-friendly swaps in 2021, here are six ways you can lead a more eco-conscious lifestyle for the future. 

1. Shop Second-Hand

Fast fashion is a big problem, not just in terms of how people are treated and the work environments they’re faced with, but also for the environmental impact it has. While there are countless sustainable fabrics to choose from, the eco-friendliest option is actually to use what has already been produced. 

Not only does shopping second-hand help the planet, but it is also cheaper and means you can find unique pieces no-one else has, for a positive result all round. 

2. Buy Reusable Items Over Single-Use

Most people are aware of the importance of a reusable coffee cup now, but reusables extend far further than just coffee cups and straws. There are many areas of our lives where we rely on single-use options where reusable ones exist. 

From reusable storage bags and glass food containers to silicone lids to replace cling film, washable make-up remover pads and cleaning cloths, consider the areas of your home and lifestyle where you could make a sustainable switch to minimise the number of products going into landfill each year. 

3. Recycle More

Recycling is something we all know we should do, but many of us don’t recycle as much as we should. But this year, make a pledge to put more effort into separating your rubbish so paper, plastic and metals are all recycled properly. 

It is also worth looking into whether there is a food scraps collection in your area, so that you can minimize the amount of food waste going to landfill or starting your own compost bin if you have a garden. 

4. Ditch Plastic Packaging for Bulk Buys

Bulk food stores are cropping up all over the country and they’re a great way of making an eco-conscious swap. Instead of repeatedly buying food like pasta, dried goods and other ingredients in plastic packaging each week, why not re-use glass jars or containers and buy what you need loose? 

The price is often less than what you’d pay in a supermarket, as you only pay for what you need, and it cuts down on your plastic waste. 

5. Buy Food Seasonally and Locally

Buying fruit and veg out of season has a massive carbon footprint, due to the fact that these items are flown from around the world. In 2021, why not try to eat what is in season and local to your area? 

Eating locally helps support local farmers and small businesses but it also reduces the environmental impact, as those ingredients have a shorter distance to travel which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Eating seasonally also means you’re getting these ingredients at their very best, so they’re more nutrient-dense and flavorful. 

6. Forgive Yourself for Unavoidable Purchases

Cutting down on buying new things and finding ways to re-use what we already have is a key part of being eco-conscious. But it’s not always possible to do this and there may well be times when relying on an older item or something well-used could be damaging to your health. For example, pillows and mattresses need to be replaced regularly to remain hygienic and supportive. 

A mattress that reduces the pressure points on your body should give you a better night’s sleep.” says Catherine O’Halloran of Murphy’s Liquidation Furniture. “It is important to know that the ideal mattress is different for each person. An old or incorrect mattress can cause back pain and issues with posture, so it can be definitely worth choosing a new mattress to avoid this“.

Being Eco-Conscious

We all know we need to do better when it comes to the environment, and what better time to start than with the clean slate that a new year provides? When you’re considering the ways you can improve in 2021, think about your lifestyle choices and where you make purchases so you can consider eco-friendly alternatives of benefit to your health, your wallet and your planet. 

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