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Want the Whole Package? 5 Brands Using Reusable Packaging

Reusable packaging 

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Reusable packaging is not a new concept. As some brands have perfected their packaging to produce less waste, some have gone even further by creating an enjoyable customer experience with how they package products.

According to the 2021 Global Buying Green Report, 70% of consumers said they would spend more money on a product with sustainable packaging. With that in mind, one can assume consumers and companies would benefit from reusable packaging.

At the end of the day, we’re all responsible for making more eco-conscious decisions for our own health, as well as the planet’s. If you’re someone looking to start your journey to more sustainable living, start small. One way to begin is by supporting brands working towards becoming more eco-friendly. The following list contains brands making eco-conscious adjustments to their packaging.

Magic Linen

Magic Linen offers a variety of zero-waste linen products from a sustainable origin. In 2020, Magic Linen announced a partnership with noissue, a sustainable packaging brand. Magic Linen’s new packaging produces less waste and no harm, making it 100% compostable.

Consider adding their packaging to your compost bin to create fresh soil for a more sustainable gardening experience. Soil created from the compost will lower your carbon footprint, be more nutrient-rich and reduce the need for fertilizer. There isn’t one specific way to compost, look into the different ways you can compost based on your living situation and space.


MUMGRY is a nutritious snack company, and one of the many start-ups that graduated from the Put Me On program through Gopuff. In 2019, the brand launched its line of ethically sourced, natural nut butter. Their products come in reusable and recyclable glass jars. Whether you want to use them for household storage, plant propagation, or something else, is up to you.

MUMGRY’s Mini Trio box is also reusable. Consider using it as a mini garden to grow whatever you’d like by following the directions on their site.


This brand’s mission is to end the use of single-use plastic and preserve the ocean’s health. Since their launch, they have stopped more than a billion plastic bottles from entering landfills and oceans. They offer a variety of household cleaning products and subscriptions. Their kits come with reusable bottles and plastic-free tablet refills for sustainable cleaning. Blueland’s bottles and tins are designed to be kept and used forever. But, if you can’t recycle them yourself, they will take them back free of charge and recycle them for you.


Lush is an organic cosmetics company striving to sell goods with little to no packaging. This is also known as the concept of “naked” packaging, where companies use little to no materials to sell and send their goods to customers. Their solid products, like shampoo and conditioner bars, are sold without a squeeze bottle, but instead in a solidified shape that melts as you use it in the shower to eliminate waste. On the other hand, the liquid products are packaged in recycled plastic pots you can return to a LUSH store for a face mask. Additionally, the brand ditched cellophane wrapping for furoshiki-inspired reusable fabric knot wraps to boost sustainability on the planet.


LastObject’s mission is to end the need for single-use, environmentally harmful toiletries. They’re working towards this goal by creating reusable alternatives, like reusable cotton rounds, swabs and tissues housed in recycled plastic containers. LastObject’s products are meant to last. Their reusable swab, for example, is usable for up to 1,000 uses, unlike a regular swab you’d toss after one use. As mentioned earlier, LastObject packages their products in refillable, ocean-bound recycled plastic containers. Additionally, more brands are incorporating ocean-bound plastic into their packaging and products. Ocean-bound plastics are usually found and collected within areas that have a high risk of polluting waterways. Reusing ocean-bound plastics in containers and products is an effective way to protect waterways from becoming more polluted with nearby plastic.

There is so much more we as consumers and companies can do to be more environmentally friendly. Reusable packaging may seem like a small start, but it is something. The bottom line is, starting with small steps to preserve our planet’s health is better than doing nothing. Consider looking into the brands you use and see what they’re doing to reduce their waste.

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