Trekking the biofriendly way

fuel saving biofriendly trek

Image by aeu04117

Recently I’ve seen a lot of articles about fuel additives, gas-saving ideas, the future of renewable energy and more. And yes, I’m the type of person who always clicks on the news teasers about the “10 best tips for better gas mileage” or “Can your car go green too?”

Now, I have to say that I was skeptical about being able to increase fuel economy and I’m the first to admit I do drive a large SUV (and will continue to do so with a toddler, an infant and a 70-lb dog to cart around).  However, I know that something needs to be done about not only gas prices, but improving mileage, lowering harmful emissions and overall making a greener environment if we want to have any kind of a healthy future for us and our families.

Then I was shown this article “New York to Los Angeles Run to Promote Biofuel.”Their trek was being done to promote the biofriendly properties of biodiesel.  Not only were these two going to make their trip using Bio-Willie, (a bio-diesel named after Country Music star Willie Nelson), but they were going to go non-stop, without refueling.

So I figured if they could do that, bio-fuels and fuel additives, like the liquid fuel catalyst Green Plus® developed by Biofriendly Corporation were worth checking out.

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