Are Liquid Fuel Enhancers for Public Transportation the Next Green Step?

Need for green public transportation 

Image by The Marmot

Every week I see gas prices go down, which is great, but I have to be honest that every day I wonder if tomorrow they will go up again. Aren’t we supposed to be getting more alternative fuels, bio-fuels or liquid fuel enhancers to help with our nation’s fuel consumption and to assist in creating a greener environment?

Unfortunately, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what is happening on these “green” plans. The economy is in such turmoil that certainty about the future of everything from our bank to the mom and pop business down the street to our own homes and yes, even gas and biofriendly fuels, is up in the air. seems to be at least one group that keeps on top of the green movement and in this great post they talk about the fact that miles driven by US drivers is down again for the ninth straight month. Now while it probably doesn’t lower harmful emissions that significantly, at least it’s a step in the right direction.

That also means more and more people are using public transportation. So, maybe the next logical step would be investing in alternative fuels or liquid fuel enhancers for public transportation. With the volume of public transportation used in every city across the US, just think of the impact that would have on our environment.

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