Do you live in a biofriendly “green” city or are you blue?

city air pollution

Image by  ninahale recently released their list of “America’s Most Stressful Cities.”  According to their list, some of the key factors that make up the stressful cities include high unemployment rates, expensive gas, high population density, pollution and poor air quality.   

It is these environmental types of issues that determine whether or not you live in a “green” city or blue.  Unfortunately for Chicago and New York, who top the list of the most stressful cities, the day-to-day stress is probably only compounded by the current economic crisis and traffic.   

If you live in one of the cities listed, don’t be blue, just try some of these simple biofriendly green ideas (literally try them) to help lower your blood pressure and stress-level: broccoli, collards, green beans, green peas, kale, spinach or lima beans.  

And to really “go green” and help the environment around you check out some of these gas mileage tips or a great fuel additive such as Green Plus® and thus reduce pollution for those all around you. 

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