Tips to Help You Eliminate Food Waste

Food Waste image courtesy of

Food Waste image courtesy of

Food waste is a big concern across the globe. Not only do people waste billions of dollars by tossing potentially edible food, doing so adds millions of tons of waste to landfills. It’s bad for your purse too!

So, to get you on the road to zero food waste, we at lovely Appetite have come up with 50 simple ways to help you combat food waste in your home.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Monitor What You Buy: If you notice you’re throwing the same food or types of food out again and again, either buy less, look for an alternative or stop buying it.


  1. Hungry Shopping: It’s never a good idea to go shopping when you’re hungry! No amount of planning, list making or monk-like willpower can withstand the smells and strategically placed treats of supermarkets when you’re hungry. Just don’t do it to yourself.


  1. Frozen Food: Buying frozen fruit and veggies is a brilliant way of having healthy food available all month, without the risk of it spoiling. Freezing it also locks in the nutrients, so you could argue that it’s slightly better for you.


  1. Think of Tomorrow’s Lunch: Certain meals lend themselves really well to be taken to work the next day, especially if you have access to a microwave. Making a few evening meals each week that you can take to work the next day, things like Chili Con Carne, any pasta dish, or curry, will help you save on your lunchtime spending. It also gives you something a bit healthier and more interesting than a cheese sandwich and packet of crisps.


  1. Use a Smaller Plate: This will help with portion control, and serving a smaller portion of food is going to mean you’re much more likely to finish it all. It will also help lower the chance of you overeating.


  1. New to the Back, Old to the Front: Having a good system of putting new purchases at the back of the fridge and bringing the older items to the front will help lower the chance of things being forgotten at the back of the fridge.


  1. Remove Meat and Fish From Their Plastic Trays Before Freezing: It’s better to remove them and put them in an air-tight freezer bag as it takes up less space and limits the amount of air around the meat, meaning less ice crystals will form.


  1. Donate to Food Banks and Farms: Most of us undoubtedly have a whole host of extra tins of food (or any other food really) we’re never going to eat. Rather than throwing them away, donating them to your local food bank is a brilliant way to make sure they don’t go to waste.


Visit to check out our complete list of 50 easy ways you can reduce food waste.

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