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The Importance of Providing a Green and Healthy Environment for Your Child

The Importance of Providing a Green and Healthy Environment for Your Child

As a parent, one of your biggest responsibilities is to provide a safe and healthy home environment for your child. It is also one of the biggest challenges, especially since children usually learn from the examples they are given at home. Teaching children how to preserve the environment and lead a sustainable lifestyle is the first step in showing them how to be responsible and conscientious, both in the way they treat nature and the people around them. Here are some ways to show your child how to be eco-friendly and create a safe environment for them to grow up in:

The Importance of Providing a Green and Healthy Environment for Your Child

A healthy home is a safe home

If you want to raise a healthy child, you have to make your home a perfectly safe and healthy space. This means that you have to maintain the cleanliness of your home using only natural cleaning products that are completely ecological and don’t present a health hazard. Children are much more sensitive than adults and they might have a reaction to a pollutant your body doesn’t even notice, so make sure your home is free of cigarette smoke, dust and mold. Investing in quality air purifiers and vacuum cleaner filters is also a good idea.

You should avoid using wall paints containing VOCs and opt for furniture made from natural, ethically sourced materials, such as wood or bamboo, which hasn’t been treated with glue or paint containing formaldehyde. When it comes to carpets, you might consider choosing a lovely jute rug that won’t only look incredible in your child’s bedroom, but is also completely eco-friendly. As far as your child’s clothes, mattress and bedding are concerned, make sure they are made out of natural and organic materials.

The Importance of Providing a Green and Healthy Environment for Your Child

We are what we eat

What your child eats can have an incredibly important influence on their overall health. The only way to teach your child healthy eating habits is to lead by example, as you simply can’t expect them to eat broccoli and apples while you munch on chocolate and potato chips. So, try to serve your child home-cooked meals as often as you can, and even include them in the preparation process. A child will be more likely to eat something if they helped make it, and watching you cook will set a great example for when they grow up and become independent, and even have children of their own.

Make sure your child’s diet is filled with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. If they only eat nutritious food that contain all the vitamins and minerals they need, their immune system will be stronger and they will be ready to fight off any viruses or illnesses they encounter.

Instead of shopping for food in big supermarkets, opt for your local farmers’ market and bring your child with you when you go. Always choose home-grown, organic products and don’t forget to teach your child eating healthy is a choice, not a punishment or a chore.

The Importance of Providing a Green and Healthy Environment for Your Child

A green lifestyle for a smart and healthy child

Rather than spending their days sitting in front of a screen, make sure your child is physically active – take them to the park, to a swimming pool, or get them a bicycle and go cycling with them. Have them spend more time outdoors, playing with other children or even you.

Read to them and introduce them to art, music and games geared towards developing their imagination, creativity and motor skills. Also, it’s very important they get enough restful and uninterrupted sleep, so establish a routine that will get them in and out of bed approximately at the same time every day, even on weekends, and try to incorporate some basic organization skills into their daily life.

Above all else, teach your child how to take care of their lovely planet. Plant a few trees together, adopt a pet from a shelter, teach them how to recycle, and explain to them littering is out of the question and glass containers and cotton bags are a better choice than their plastic counterparts. Always bear in mind the safety of your child depends on the safety of the world in which they live.

The Importance of Providing a Green and Healthy Environment for Your Child

In order to create a perfectly safe and healthy environment for your child, you might need to change your own lifestyle habits. Although it might seem difficult, you have to be persistent. After all, you are doing it not only for your benefit, but for the health, safety and overall benefit of your child.

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