summertime benefits of being outdoors

Summertime Benefits Of Being Outdoors

If you’re anything like me, you know there’s nothing quite the same as being outdoors. This is especially true when you’re able to spend quality time in nature. I mean it’s one thing to be walking around a big city, but it’s a completely different thing to be walking, hiking or biking along a trail, down by the edge of a lake or among the trees. It can be quite invigorating.

summertime benefits of being outdoors

Here are just some of benefits of being outdoors:

reconnect with nature

Those of you who haven’t done so recently should try reconnecting with nature. There are countless benefits to being outdoors so, not only would you be able to get outside, but you could reap those rewards.

Reconnecting with nature is one of the most basic reasons to go outside. We can sometimes get so caught up in our lives at work or at home, we forget about the rest of the world around us. When we go outside, it gives us the chance to step away (even if for a brief moment). It gives us an opportunity to soak in some Vitamin D on a sunny day, smell the flowers, listen to the birds chirping, watch the clouds rolling along and feel the breeze as the wind comes through the nearby trees.

State of Mind

One of the most immediate benefits of being outdoors is an improved state of mind. It doesn’t matter if you’re stressed out and feel you need a well-deserved break, you’re tired and want a boost of energy or you just have to clear your mind. Getting outside, looking at the trees and going for a walk can do wonders to improve one’s state of mind.

I recommend you give it a try. Go outside. Go for a walk (or hike or bike ride) and look at the world around you. Look at the trees, the plants, the flowers, the birds, the bees, the clouds and anything else you see out there. Take a deep breath of fresh air. Give yourself a moment to escape from the day-to-day grind. Feel the stress melt away. As you continue along, you’ll likely find your mind is a little clearer. You aren’t feeling so weighed down. Maybe you’ll get a second wind. You might even notice a boost in your creativity. Problems you haven’t been able to resolve may suddenly have solutions that weren’t there before.

As a rule of thumb, I recommend spending a little time outdoors every single day. It makes for a good day!

Electronics Reset

When you go outside, don’t be afraid to immerse yourself completely. Unplug and just be in the moment. Our society has become so “plugged in”, it’s a rare occasion you don’t find people on their computers, cell phones or some other form of electronics.

So, even though your job may require it, once you step away from work, turn off your computer and silence your phone. There’s no need to scroll through social media when you can step outside and enjoy the beauty of nature.

I’m sure this will be difficult for some people, so if you need to start small, try unplugging for 15 minutes a day. Get outdoors and leave your electronics behind. Nobody needs to be online as much as we often find ourselves. Before there were computers and cell phones, kids spent the majority of their days outside. Let’s get back to that. Kids, and adults, should work on becoming less dependent on, and attached to, their electronics. Getting outside can help.

Physical Health

Being outdoors is a very simple, yet kind of ideal, way to improve your physical health. When you’re indoors, you’re more likely to be sedentary. When you go outside, you’re more likely to move around. There is so much to see and do, the outdoors all but beckons you to explore. You can go on a walk among the trees, take a hike along the hilltop, hop on your bike to travel greater distances or even do a little roller blading around town. Swimming in another fun activity to do outdoors.

Even if you don’t have a lot of time to be outdoors, you can always find biofriendly ways to get exercise during the day, just make sure some of those ways include being outdoors.

As being outdoors tends to make people a little more active, some physical health benefits to be gained from getting outside include:

  • a lowered/more stabilized heart rate,
  • natural Vitamin D from the sun to help strengthen bones, reduce inflammation, boost immunity, promote cell growth and improve cardiovascular health,
  • lowered anxiety/stress levels (from as little as 10 minutes a day outdoors),
  • improved sleep habits and
  • more calories burned.

Green spaces have also been linked to reduced depression and improved mental health.

Face-to-face connection

Another benefit of being outdoors is the ability to have more face-to-face connections with friends, family and people around the neighborhood. As lots of people like to spend time outside during the summer months, you will be more likely to see those people and interact with them when you get outdoors.

Arrange a backyard party, plan to go on a walk with a friend, take a hike through the forest with loved ones, go camping with a like-minded group (large or small)…the options are limitless when it comes to face-to-face connections outdoors. The key is to step outside and see what the world offers.

Get outdoors this summer

Whatever you choose to do this summer, I strongly recommend you figure out how to spend more time outdoors. It’ll be good for your state of mind, your physical health, your mental health, you’ll be able to reconnect with nature, you can do an electronics reset and you’ll get some much needed fresh air. Enjoy!

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