Solar Edition of the Weekly Greens

Image by Stefano Paltera, U.S. Dept of Energy / Creative Commons

Happy Monday! This week I decided to start off the week with a solar edition of my weekly greens. There has been so much, good and not so good, news about the solar industry recently that I figured it might be good to gather a few of the solar articles that crossed my plate this week and share them with you.

Here is this week’s solar edition of the weekly greens:

Solar, the Emerging Power: You’re probably quite familiar with the solar industry by now, even if simply due to the Solyndra scandal. However, there is one thing to keep in mind, regardless of what happened with Solyndra, the solar industry continues to move ahead. Who knows, at the rate it’s expanding, we may see solar stepping in as a major player in the not too distant future.

Solar Power in California: California continues to tap into the power of solar, making it one of the most popular renewable resources in the state. But what do you think is behind all the interest in solar power? Why are people all of a sudden turning to solar?

Solar Roadways (the company) to Build Solar Panel Parking Lot: It looks like Solar Roadways has received a grant by the Federal Highway Administration to build a solar panel parking lot in Idaho. It is a pretty innovative idea when you think about it. Plus, if all goes well, we could be seeing solar sidewalks, streets, and highways generating energy day in and day out.

Producing flexible CIGS solar cells with record efficiency:Solar panel and solar cell design continues to advance. One of the latest advancements is a flexible solar cell which yields a 18.7% record efficiency. Lightweight, flexible solar cells have a huge potential and could allow solar to be used in areas previously thought impossible.

University of Maryland wins Solar Decathlon for house design: Speaking of innovation, the University of Maryland managed to win 1st place in the U.S. DOE’s 2011 Solar Decathlon. Their winning design incorporated a number of sustainable features, including a green roof, rainwater collection, an indoor waterfall, and solar panels which will provide year-round power to the home. And better yet, their design is something that could be used in building homes starting…now.

Now is Not the Time to Back Down from Solar Innovation: Needless to say, it is not time to back down from solar innovation. With technologies advancing and maturing, now is the time to promote high-quality production and reward improved performance standards. The need for clean energy is not going to go away. We need to tap into the all the benefits of solar energy, in addition to the other forms of renewable energy.

Chu: Solyndra’s collapse doesn’t dent solar investment case: Energy Secretary Steven Chu made it clear that despite the bankruptcy of Solyndra, there is still a need for federal investment and support of clean, green energy.

As Secretary Chu stated:

“It’s not enough for our country to invent clean energy technologies – we have to make them and use them, too.”

The time to tap into solar, and other renewable energy resources, is now. If we can ween ourselves away from our current sources of energy in favor of more sustainable energy sources, we will go a long way. Solar plays an important role in the future of worldwide energy, don’t you agree?

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