The Biofriendly Podcast - Episode 17 - Bill And Ted Day

Bill and Ted Day

June 9th is now recognized as ‘Bill and Ted Day’; a triumphant holiday to remember Bill and Ted’s legacy of being excellent to each other and to always party on, dudes! Well as luck would have it, the future versions of Noel and Jacob have traveled back in time in a phone booth to share how things have turned out for our planet in the year 2040.

Solar Edition of the Weekly Greens

Image by Stefano Paltera, U.S. Dept of Energy / Creative Commons Happy Monday! This week I decided to start off the week with a solar edition of my weekly greens. There has been so much, good and not so good, news about the solar industry recently that I figured it might be good to gather […]

5 Eco Cities of the Future Coming to the Here and Now

Over the years, many ideas have been placed on the table for eco- or biofriendly cities. Designs have shown futuristic buildings, domed communities and places most of us never would have thought of, even in our wildest dreams. Image by Emma Buckley So what makes up an eco city? Well sustainability should be a key […]

Kids Setting Their Sights on an Eco-Friendly Future (w/Videos)

One of the greatest things about kids is they aren’t loaded down with reasons why things can’t be done. They have positive attitudes and are interested in making the world more eco-friendly just because it makes sense to do so.