Simple Reasons to Start a Vegetable Garden


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We are very fortunate to live in a time where we have nearly instant access to food of all kinds. That is why when I talk about starting a vegetable garden and growing your own food people give me a strange look. Why spend your time dealing with a garden when you can go to the grocery store and get whatever you want for cheap?

It’s hard to argue with the fact that regardless of where you live and what season it is that you can get pineapples, strawberries or tomatoes. For that reason I can’t argue that convenience is the answer.

There are other reasons that I give and will share with you right now. These reasons aren’t based on scientific research or studies. They are simple and here they are:

We are humans. We grow food.

This is one of the most basic reasons. People have grown their own food as individuals or a community for hundreds and thousands of years. Look back at history and you’ll see how societies and civilizations were built up around fertile land and access to water.

It’s not until the last 100-200 years that we’ve become so far removed from the process and rely upon others (that we don’t even know) to supply us with what we need to survive…

Where is our food coming from?

…The first reason leads into this one. Did you know that your food travels 1,500 miles from the farm to your plates? Eventually when the produce arrives at the grocery store it is at least 3-4weeks old.

Think about the costs involved in transporting the food so far. Also consider the environmental impact – gas and other resources are used to ship. Overall, it’s not a very sustainable practice.

What is being used to treat the food?

Often times the produce is sprayed in transit to either ripen the food or to preserve it. It is common for chemicals, toxins, synthetics and sprays to be used to treat the produce not only while it’s growing, but also when the produce is in transit. It is used to feed the plant, keep off pests and to hurry along the growing process.

There is no study in the world that could convince me that it’s ok for me to consume such toxicants and that my body will fully assimilate them.

You can find more reasons to grow your own food here.

Mike Lieberman - Urban Organic GardenerMike Lieberman is the publisher of where he shows people with little to no land how to start growing their own food so they can avoid toxic pesticides, eat healthier and not feel limited by their lack of experience and space. Connect with Mike on Twitter, become an Urban Organic Gardener fan on Facebook and get more of his urban gardening tips and advice on Urban Organic Gardener.

I want to thank Mike for his great tips and advice. I’ve spoken with Mike numerous times and seen what he can do. He is an inspiration to all and a true testament that a little bit of work can go a long way, especially when it comes to growing your own food.

Remember, growing your own food is one of the 10 simple, green New Year’s resolutions anyone can make. So, get started today and don’t forget to let us know how your garden grows.

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