Planning a Green Camping Trip

green camping 

Image by nsgbrown

It’s the perfect time of the year to go camping, the kids are hopefully still off for summer vacation, you could really use some time off work or maybe you just want to spend some time in the great outdoors.  Camping is the perfect trip.  It’s low cost, family-friendly and if you plan right, you can have a great green camping trip!

No, camping green doesn’t mean using a green tent or staying at an “eco-friendly” lodge…of course that might be nice!  What I mean is doing things like: find a camping location near your home, buy fresh fruits/vegetables at a local or roadside stand on the way to your destination, leave no trace that you were there, etc.

Here are a couple of tips when planning your green camping trip:

  • Find a campground or state park near you, so you cut down your travel time (eg emissions). In California you can go to the California State Parks website to find great campgrounds across the state.
  • Make a list of all the items you need to pack.  I found a good list here.  They also remind us to bring biodegradable or environmentally-friendly toiletry items!
  • Pack re-usable utensils and plates.  That way you can wash and re-use them rather than using plastic or Styrofoam and just throwing them away.  You’ll want to bring a bin to wash them in too.
  • If you need camping gear or need to update your camping gear, check Best Green Gear.  They have a great selection of EcoFriendly Products including solar camping gear.
  • To ensure you get to your destination safely, get your car tuned-up, check the pressure on your tires, fill up, use a proven fuel additive (to increase fuel efficiency and decrease harmful emissions) and make sure you’ve packed an emergency kit.  Some extra water is always smart too.

When you go for walks/explore around your campsite, be sure to respect the environment around you.  At the end of your trip, please clean up after yourself.  Throw away or recycle everything you used.  Try to leave your camping spot as if you had never been there.  To put it simply, while you are enjoying the environment around you, doing these simple steps can help make sure it is still there, just as green, for the next person to enjoy.


  • Irish Mae Chui

    hi there!nice blog and you even git a nice photo here!can you please help me?because me and my family are planning to go for a green camping i have a 3year son and a 1 year old daugther.My mom who is 75 year old wants to join our green camping trip can you please give me tips and idea?THANKS!!

  • Tara

    Hi, thank you very much 😀 In addition to the information I listed above, another good site is – hope you have a great green camping trip!

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