Halloween skeletons

Natural Ways to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

Halloween skeletons

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The season of fright is upon us! Where ghouls are up and about and toilet-papered people are not ashamed to express themselves. The night of nights when it seems just a tad bit darker than most.

Well, no. Not really.

In fact, in the effort to decorate the house in the spirit of “darkness”, we seem to have strayed away from the point and have managed to do the exact opposite; to brighten up the place. This might seem a little cliche, but that’s a topic for another day.

Natural Ways to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

So, what are some of the natural ways people go about decorating for Halloween? Let’s find out!

The one occasion where you are free to reveal your skeletons!

Yes, for one day a year, your skeletons don’t have to stay in the closet. In fact, you’re encouraged to show them off! Just remember not to brag about where they came from.

Of all the sinister cliches for this occasion, this must be the most prominent. People not only decorate the streets because of all the little skeletal ones (sometimes even adults) going around asking for candy, skeletons can also be littered around the house for that ominous effect.

There are even many creative ways to go about doing so. You can do something as simple as to lay them bare on the ground in your front lawn. If your home has a slanted roof, you may also choose to display them up there for onlookers from afar to see. You can also try to put two of them by your front door side by side; acting as “guards.”

There are hundreds of ways to go about this so we won’t detail each of them. However, I’ll share with you my favourite way. If you have a big tree, hanging skeletons off branches like corpses is a surefire way to at least force your visitors to think twice. You may even want to wrap them in a body bag, a white blanket,  shredded clothes and then pour red paint (low VOC and eco-friendly, of course) on them. When it drips “blood,” it’s mesmerizingly sinister to look at.

It even works as great living room decoration; albeit only for Halloween! Whichever the case, have fun with it!

Pumpkins; a classic!

Nothing much new about this one. After all, who hasn’t seen a pumpkin being displayed during All Hallows’ Eve? It’s a classic!

It can even be fun. In case you’re one of the hundreds of people tasked to arrange the office Halloween party, we suggest a pumpkin carving contest! With the proper tools, it’s not the hardest thing in the world, and it’s loads of fun to try! It’s also all natural.

Litter them around the house, or even create a walkway path leading to your door full of them in your front yard. This might as well be called the “red carpet” of Halloween. You can even put either candles or LED lights inside the pumpkins to create an absolutely ominous effect!

Another way to take the fright up a notch is to decorate the pumpkin itself with seasonal flowers in the colors of black, yellow, dark purple, orange, dark red and even white. These are the colors of Halloween; thus, they will surely fit with the dark theme! You can put the flowers atop or around the pumpkin. A little creativity will go a long way here. No reason to buy plastic decorations, when plenty of natural options exist.

Animatronic-frighteners. It still works!

If you want to step up your scare game, this is the way to do it! Although it is nothing new, it still works. After all, who doesn’t get a jolt when a laugh or scream is suddenly heard from something they thought was inanimate. That’s a jump scare right there. It’s even an eco-friendly way to decorate your home because no waste is created by putting this up.

Candles. Of course there has to be candles!

Nothing screams death and mourning more than laying out candles. One common way of going about this is by putting them near, around, inside, or on top of scary pumpkins. Along with lining the walkway to your door with frightening pumpkins or Jack-o-Lanterns, you can also line the walkway with candles. This will enhance the dismal vibe of your place and give trick-or-treaters a sense of dread.

Just exercise precaution. If you plan to decorate your outdoors with candles, make sure it isn’t too hot for your lawn, artificial grass or not! Make sure it isn’t too windy either. We wouldn’t want to damage your lawn or home just for a day’s worth of decoration. LED flameless candles are also good choice, if beeswax or soy candles won’t work.

Spiderwebs; because it’s scary even if it’s not Halloween!

According to Elements Behavioral Health, the fear of spiders, also known as arachnophobia, is one of the most common phobias people around the globe have. Thus; it doesn’t even have to be Halloween for it to be scary!

Imagine coming into a place where you find large and dense strings of web. Wouldn’t that be enough to make you think twice about entering? What if you encounter the creator itself? You think you’d like that? No, of course not! So display those spiderwebs for the world to see on All Hallows’ Eve.

If you want to add spiders into your webs, for an extra touch of scary, spiders can be made out of felt, fabric, painted pots, pipe cleaners, pipe, bottle caps and more. In fact, there are tons of easy and eco-friendly DIY Halloween Decorations to choose from. One thing is for sure; I’m not going anywhere near those spiderwebs!

Hung bodies. Scary because how do you know they’re not real?

Whether you live in a breathtaking mansion or a humble fully-furnished home, this is sure to provide a scare!

With the power of makeup nowadays, almost anyone can be made to look like anyone else, and you’d never know it. This effect is absolutely amplified during Halloween, and you can probably imagine how. This is the stuff monster movies are made of!

But, aside from dressing up as monsters, you can put makeup on mannequins to make them even more realistic than they already are. When you’ve accomplished this, drip a little slime or fake blood off of them, and they’ll now look utterly grim. Hang them up on trees or the ceiling, and now they look haunting.

However, probably the greatest fear factor of this decor is the uncertainty it gives people about its authenticity. However; you must do the makeup absolutely well for it to be believable.

Is it fake? A mannequin maybe? Who knows, it even kind of looks like you.

A cardboard cutout silhouette by the window. Creepy!

This one is a simple trick. Acquire a cardboard cutout of any human being. Maybe even that Miley Cyrus one you have tucked away in your closet. You know the one I’m talking about!

Blacken one side of the cutout. Use either paper, ink, or whatever material you deem fit for the task. Prop it up by one of your windows that is visible to people on the outside. When all the lights in the room are off, maybe leave a small light shining on the prop to give it that ominous feel.

Whether the lights in the room are on or off, it looks absolutely dismal from the outside.

Only for the kids? No way!

We’re sometimes called childish for participating in this holiday. It’s labelled “only for the kids” by many. To that, we say, no way! There are loads of ways to enjoy this occasion; no matter the age! It’s just a number after all.

So, close your ears to the party poopers and enjoy decorating your home with that haunting vibe! It’s the best time to do so. After all, you wouldn’t want to be applying the tips you read here during December, right? Now that is frightening!


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