Halloween skeletons

Natural Ways to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

The season of fright is upon us! Where ghouls are up and about and toilet-papered people are not ashamed to express themselves. The night of nights when it seems just a tad bit darker than most. Well, no. Not really. In fact, in the effort to decorate the house in the spirit of “darkness”, we […]

spring cleaning

Biofriendly Way to Kickstart Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is traditionally the time of year when people get the urge to not only air out, but thoroughly clean, their homes. Think about it…after having your home closed up during the cold months of winter, spring gives you a reason and opportunity to get a “fresh start.”  Even if you’ve been trying to avoid […]

5 Green Changes You Can Make in Your Sleep

One of the main obstacles reported by individuals trying to “go green” is that they have often found it’s easier and cheaper to do things as they’ve always done them in the past. For example, initial cost to buy a gas-guzzling vehicle is still usually cheaper than buying a hybrid. Why pay for solar panels […]