Natural Bathroom Cleaners You Can Make at Home

Natural Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, natural and organic is always better. Although some companies may beg to differ, many store-bought cleaning agents contain harmful chemicals and toxins. You’d probably be surprised to find out what’s hiding in your cleaning products? If you’re trying to keep your bathroom and other rooms of your home clean, don’t buy your cleaning supplies from a store, do it yourself. By making your own bathroom cleaners, soaps and air fresheners, you’ll know exactly what’s in the products you’re using. You’ll also be helping to rid your home of some of the toxic chemicals you may not realize exist.

Harmful Household Toxins

You’d probably be surprised to learn how many toxins are actually in your home right now. CNN did a report on the subject not too long ago titled, “Toxic chemicals are hiding in your house dust.”  The article details how researchers found at least 45 toxic chemicals present in common house dust. Then of those chemicals are present in nearly 90 percent of homes nationwide. CNN goes on to list a few of the more common chemicals, health hazards associated with those and products which could contain them. You’ll also be able to learn a few tips on preventing exposure and ideas on how to eliminate indoor air pollution.

Natural Ways to Clean Your Bathroom (and Home)

For those looking for DIY cleaning tips, we’ve got a slideshow with a few natural ways to clean your bathroom and home.  This slideshow comes you to courtesy of Erica Garland, the Content Marketing Manager at Modern Bathroom.  Erica has 15 years of experience in the bathroom renovation industry and the company she works for, Modern Bathroom, sells a variety of different products you would need for any bathroom renovation project.

We hope this gives you a little inspiration on ways you can use natural products to clean and deodorize your bathroom. Look around. Your home is probably full of natural fruits or foods you can use for cleaning.  By being creative, you can make some wonderful cleaning products. This way you can keep your house clean, while removing some of the harmful toxins and chemicals lurking there.

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