Last Minute Biofriendly Valentine’s Gifts

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Although Valentine’s Day has become quite commercialized as a “holiday”, it’s also a day focused on showing love and appreciation for those you hold especially dear.

Showing another person you care doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. It doesn’t need to be done with a box of chocolates, some candy or a bouquet of flowers either. Even simple actions can qualify as a “gift” and these are often the most well received and biofriendly gifts of all.

So here are some last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are also biofriendly in nature:

Smile at Someone New

A smile has undeniable and widespread benefits. You never know what another person is going through in his or her life. Sometimes a smile is all it takes to lift their spirits. A simple smile can snap a person out of a funk they are in or it can remind them of the good in the world. Try it and see.

Gift a Plant or Herb Rather Than a Cut Bouquet of Flowers

Gifting someone you love with a potted plant, herb or succulent is a much better (and more biofriendly) option than bringing home a cut bouquet of flowers. You could even gift your special someone with a mini rose bush if you really wanted to bring home flowers. Then, when Valentine’s Day is over, the plant, herbs, succulents or flower bush can be transplanted into the garden to continue to grow for weeks, months and years ahead.

Do a Random Act of Kindness

Not everyone has a special someone they want to spend Valentine’s Day with and that’s okay. You can actually have a wonderful day by simply doing a random act of kindness. Maybe someone needs help bringing their groceries in from the car. Perhaps a neighbor could use a hand shoveling snow from their driveway. You could invite friends over for a impromptu movie night or last minute dinner party. You could help out at a local food pantry. You could spend some time with the animals at a nearby shelter. The options are limitless. From small to big, a random act of kindness is always a wonderful gift.

Reach Out to a Loved One in Person or on the Phone

You don’t have to make a huge production out of Valentine’s Day. Often times it is smaller actions which have the most impact. Reach out to a loved one in person or on the phone. This is especially nice when you have a person you haven’t seen or spoken to in awhile. It doesn’t cost much, but it’ll be something they’ll remember.

Make a Homemade Meal Rather Than Going Out

While many people consider going out for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day “the thing to do,” it isn’t necessarily the way to go. Not only do you have to drive to your location, but you’ll likely need to wait for your table, spend lots of money on a meal and then drive back home afterwards. Besides, if you haven’t already made reservations, you probably won’t get in to the restaurant of your choice.

Why not make a homemade meal instead. If you know what your loved one likes best, you can prepare a romantic meal at home. You could even make the meal together. It’s a nice way to spend a little extra time together and really shows someone you care enough to prepare a special meal. The night is yours!

Go for a Walk or Hike with Someone You Love

Spend a little time outdoors by going for a walk or hike with someone you love. You can do this after dinner or even earlier in the day. According to this article from UC Berkeley, spending time hiking in nature can have numerous benefits including sharpening your mind, helping to keep you happy and calm, increase your creativity, improve your relationship and connect you to the natural world.

Not only do you get health and other benefits, but getting outdoors is one of the simplest and most biofriendly actions you can take.

Showing You Care This Valentine’s Day

Whether you have all your plans in place, or you are scrambling for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift idea, these biofriendly options may be just what you need. Each of them has a minimal impact on the world around you and it could spark some other ideas of future activities you might want to do. Nice thing about these gifts is you can always gift them to yourself…even after Valentine’s Day.

From all of us here at Biofriendly Planet Magazine, we wish you and yours a Happy and Biofriendly Valentine’s Day!

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