How to Keep Warm in the Winter While Saving the Planet

cuddling up warm for winter

For eco-friendly families, it is important to protect the planet during the winter months, but to also important to stay safe, warm and comfortable as well. While it may be tempting to crank up the heat and consume additional energy this winter, there are energy-saving techniques you can rely on to stay warm even though the temperatures have dropped outside. Here are a few ways in which you can conserve energy at home while still protecting the planet this winter season.

Wear More Layers

One of the most intuitive ways to stay warm while at home this winter is by relying on more blankets and layers. Wrapping yourself in blankets, comforters and throws, as well as multiple layers of clothes, is a great way to reduce the amount of energy you use this winter. It does not matter if you are snuggling up on the sofa with loved ones for some leisure time or if you are preparing for a good night’s sleep, relying on layers is a great way to stay warm this winter without having to turn up the thermostat. Wearing multiple layers while indoors is an excellent way to insulate the body and protect it from cold winter weather.

Maintain the Humidity

Retaining moist, humid air within the home is another great way to ensure more heat stays inside. This is because humid air is much warmer than cool, drier air. Cooking more meals at home is one way to keep your kitchen and surrounding rooms warm. Yes, cooking does draw electricity, however, if you have energy efficient appliances then your energy usage will not consume as much as standard appliances.

The same applies to meal preparation—warm foods and beverages are a great way to warm up the body from the inside out. What’s more is that you can enjoy tasty winter treats like warm hot chocolate, tea and other seasonal delights as well. As another alternative, you can simply boil water on a stove and let the steam add moisture into the air. Adding natural ingredients to this boiling water such as cinnamon and orange slices is a great way to add a touch of holiday fragrance to your home.

Address Drafty Windows & Doors

It is never too late to properly weatherproof the home, especially when it comes to fixing drafty windows and doors. Addressing drafty windows and doors is a great way to ensure you do not have to use more heat than necessary this winter. It is also an effective way to lower your energy bills! One simple and easy fix is to caulk your windows and weather strip your doors. Such protective measures will prevent cold air from getting inside and will stop warm air from escaping, all while reducing your carbon footprint.

Rely on Your Curtains for Protection

Another easy way to stay warm while being gentle on the environment is to rely on your curtains for added protection this winter. Hanging curtains and heavy draperies that will keep more heat inside your home is a great, eco-friendly way to keep your home nice and cozy this winter. These protective layers will block existing drafts and will keep more heat inside your home. Energy efficient blackout curtains are specifically well-suited for such insulation. Typically used to block out sunlight, blackout curtains can protect your home during the winter and maintain your indoor temperatures. As an added safety measure, you can even add plastic insulation around your windows and then hang blackout curtains for maximized warmth and protection all winter long.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Last but not least, a smart programmable thermostat is another amazing way to ensure you are not using too much energy this winter. Eco-conscious homeowners can invest in a programmable thermostat for long-term savings that will not only reduce your energy bill but will minimize your impact on the environment. Program your thermostat with settings that turn down the heat during the day while you are away at work or while you’re out running errands. This will reduce wasted energy and it will leave you feeling confident that you are making a positive impact on the planet.

Remember, you can still stay warm this winter while protecting the environment. Not only will these tips save you money, but they will keep you warm and cozy without harming the planet.



  • Regina

    Good suggestions! By the way, with energy efficient appliances like energy efficient boilers, furnaces, heaters you can also improve the comfort of your home. With energy efficient appliances, you won’t need to turn your thermostat down to reduce energy consumption and slash utility bills. Energy-efficient appliances use much less energy to function than units, saving you money and keeping you warm enough in winter.

    P.S. Even though high-energy efficiency equipment is typically more expensive initially, the monthly savings you will see on your utility bill will help you to save more than you could ever save with the conventional and non-efficient products. 

  • Portella

    I like your suggestions for fixing drafty windows. However, if your windows are outdated, you may need to replace them completely. Of course, it’s not cheap. But remember that you can spend even more on heating your home inefficiently.

    If you live in an area with extreme temperatures in winter, consider thermally broken windows as an alternative to traditional options for a better result.

  • Tay

    Also, don’t neglect the timely replacement of the heating system. Older systems have an efficiency rating between 50 and 70%. A new system will have a much higher efficiency rating. Some heating systems have an efficiency rating as high as 98.5%.

    Thus, by replacing the outdated system, you have a warmer house and reduced energy consumption.

  • Tay

    A smart thermostat is actually a great thing! By reducing energy consumption for heating and helping the planet, it also helps you save your money. Depending on the type of smart thermostat you choose, you could save anywhere from 12-23% on your heating and cooling costs.

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